year 8 visual Art Ethics By kelsea friel

Task 1//profile
Judy Watson uses Paper, paint brushes(thin, thick), acriylic paint when she works on her art.
Her process when she paints is sitting on the paper which is on the floor and painting her detailed work with a smooth glide moving along with the paint brush.
My name, describe, link & response.
⬆️What kind of prices she sells her work for⬆️
They both look organic. I wouldent buy this sort of tea towel because it's not my fashion but I recon a lot of people would if it's their type and they would buy it. Materials she used to make it: plain tea towel, acrylic paint, different colours of paints, paint brush(thin&thick)
TASK 2//No room for bungil in docklands plan

TEEL: I disagree and think it shouldn't be moved because the owner let him and said "you can make the sculpture here" then when he finished building the bunjil ,therefore, overtime the owner seemed to not want it anymore. The artist that built it was shocked and didn't know what to do but then I recon he should just keep it there because he was allowed to in the first place. The owner should of made a placement in the answer and keep it locked in, not to change answers when the artistist made its way through onto the land. From my decision it is staying there because the owner didn't make his decisions properly and the community would like to have their eyes up on it If they have an interest, so the people we are impacting on is the community around it. I think that it would have the similar impacts if it was moving as well as staying, as if it was moving it would be going along with the owner of the lands plan and if it stays the owner will be cross that the artist didn't move away, in the end though he did say "you can build the bunjil here" so it's the owners fault. If it was moved it might have more or less population. All together you should have more understanding hopefully of the bunjil and most reasons why it shouldn't be moved.

TASK 3//Question

What does cultural sensitivity mean? It means differences & simalarities in a varieties of values along with describing if there personalities are same or different. Eg. Right or wrong, positive or negative, better or worse. (Them sort of values)

Why is it important to value other cultures and perspectives? Because you have to accept what us humans are and to go along with ourselves.

Why do you think it is important that we display cultural sensitivity towards Indigenous art? Because we need to show that we join too so then the different people feel welcome/belonged

A part from Australian Indigenous Art, think of and explain another example of displaying cultural sensitivity in our society. It dosent matter how different people are, in the end we are all the same as we are living humans. Answer what you personally feel and be proud of that. They already do differnernt sorts of celebrations in Australia.

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