Nightwing: Better than Batman Written by Tim Sealy and illustrated by JaVier FErnAdez

Nightwing and a thief and murderer Raptor reluctantly team up undercover to destroy the fearsome Parliament of Owls

But Raptor has his own mysterious endgame, and he will stop at nothing until he has accomplished it

We finally understand why Raptor is so obsessed, he loved Nightwing's mother. Which leads to one of the saddest, revealing backstories of all time

But in a shocking turn of events Raptor sells the Parliament to the serpentine obsessed Kobra cult, who were seen in previous issue and "The Night of The Monster Men"

And while all the confusion is going on, Raptor shockingly kidnaps Bruce Wayne aka Batman in the light of day

Nightwing, in pur rage, engages Raptor in a duel for the ages which spans a abandoned circus. Yet, after the two trade dozens of blows the unfeeling Raptor falls

As Bruce Wayne, stripped of his famous gadgets, falls to his doom, it is Nightwing who catches him and says one of the best quotes of all time

Beautiful, beautiful

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