Baseball players slide into Senior Day Lili Romann '19

As Staples boys' basketball coach Colin Devine said, "The senior's got a great day for baseball." The boys' baseball team had their Senior Day ceremony May 16.
Thursday afternoon, both the seniors last day of classes as well as the day for their game against New Canaan, was a day spent appreciating the boys' love and dedication for baseball. "It’s the end of an era," Suzanne Krauss, mother of player Russell Krauss said. "All of these boys have been playing together since little league. A great way to end the season would be if they could win a championship together." (Pictured above: Russell Krauss and parents)
The boys noted being nostalgic about their final high school baseball season coming to an end, while some see excitement for what the collegiate baseball has in store for them. Harry Azadian '19 (left) will continue to play at Union College and Chad Knight '19 (right) will go on to play at Duke University.
"Us seniors feel like freshman year was yesterday," Charlie Roof '19 (right) said, "But we’re ready to take on new challenges. We are all excited for the playoffs. 'Sko Wreckers."
The 11 seniors claim to have maintained a "tight knight" family, almost all of them playing since their freshman year. "The kids have had such a great four years here," Teresa Lin, mother of Knight, said. "I’m so happy we could all celebrate together because it’s such a great group of kids and parents, and we’ve had so much fun together."
The boys feel confident that with their current 17-4 record, they have a fair shot in their post-season games. "It’s crazy how fast time flies but even though it’s our last game of the regular season," Knight said. "This is the Senior Day game which signifies how exciting the playoffs are going to be in the next few weeks.” They won the game against New Canaan 6-2.

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