IPHONE 6 Ahjey.Arunthavarajah

The iPhone 6(s) screen

some of the specific elements that the iPhone screen uses are aluminium,silicon, potassium, indium, tin, and rare earth metals. Small amount of rare earth metals are used to produce colours on a screen and to reduce the amount of UV light penetration into the phone. A layer of indium tin oxide is used to make the touch screen capable. The potassium ions are used to strengthened the screen of the iPhone.


Most of the materials from the iPhone 6 are reusable due to the process called liam. This was a process created by apple to reduce the amount of E-waste and the raw materials that they collect. What they do is that they have these robots that take a part of the iPhone and collect parts that can be re-used. These robots can take a part an iPhone in 11 seconds. The elements that they re-use are aluminium, copper, tin, tungsten, cobalt, gold and silver. Some of the hazardous parts of the iPhone would be chromium and lead. These are found in the casing of the iPhone 6.

Most of the elements found in the iPhone 6 are found in Mountain pass, California. These are rare-earth minerals crucial for the iPhone to be created. Most of these minerals are used for some parts of the screen and the case. They are also used to make some components of the processor.

recycling E-waste

The iPhone 6 can easily be recycled thanks to their new system called Liam. This is a process when your iPhone is at the end of it's life. What Apple did is that they made a system where robots would disassemble the iPhone and take out parts that can be recycled and can be used for new iPhones.

iPhone 6+

Usually some people keep their iPhone for a very long time because getting a new one will be very expensive. Basically iPhone users keep their phone for about 3-5 years before getting replaced because Apple is always coming with brand new iPhone's every year.

Apples market

At this moment right now, China actually holds the highest usage rates in all of the world. Apple has sold more iPhone to China than to the U.S. for the first time. The largest growth markets are occurring in the Americas ( North and South America). They hold over one-third of the apple sales right now.

social Media

The environmental effects about apple have pros and cons. The pros are that 90% of the iPhone can be recycled but, the 10% can not. This is a major decreased for the amount of E-waste apple has created. the 10% are harmful elements such as Chromium and Lead. Economic wise, there are only pros because apple is one of the worlds best tech firms out there and they create jobs for many people around the world. There are pros and cons about this. Some of the pros is that many people use it for social media and other apps used to meet other people. Apps like Instagram, Snap chat , Facebook, and Twitter are many of the ways to socialise with one another. The cons is that many people get too attached to their social media and then most of their time goes towards social media. This can affect how social you are in real life and affect the amount of people you meet.

This world a better place

I think it has made this world a better place because it creates a lot of short cuts in your daily life and makes your life a lot easier. Some of the things that make your life easier would be when you need an uber. All you have to do is go on the Uber app and the uber will come right away. Another reason why is that kids now and days, will be smarter because there are more ways to learn when you have technology where back then, there were limited ways to learn. Some of the ways that the kids learn is when the parents download educational apps to help them learn better. The last reason is that it helps the people with blind people interact with one another and see the world differently. There are many apps on the app store for the blind to use to help them navigate to go to some places.


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