The epic hero Archetype traits proJect

*his will to succced. Like if you would do any and all things you can do to reach your goal and succeed.

In the book and movie odyssey did all he could do to get back home to his wife and kid. And he had to go throw the giant cyclops he had to make it passed the sea witch would not stop fighting him and he kept battleing all just to get back home to his wife and son.

During the little supermen series he had to encounter a lot of dangerous things to protect people such as, killing all of the bad people, also he has to make sure he stays away from criptinight because that would kill so he always trying to help people.

* Ambitious. Having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed.

Odysseus is a very brave man who fought in the Trojan war and created the Trojan horse.

It's easy to get caught up in Superman's many physical powers. He's got them all strength speed durability vision powers super-cold breath, you name it and he's there.

*intelligence. The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Odysseus is actually very very smart, and that is what helped him keep his life. For example I really liked how he was able to get in the cyclops head and be able to trick him to save his life. And it was a plan act like they surrender during the Trojan war and create a horse to be able to sneak in side the village and kill everyone and burn everything.

Superman used his intelligence in many ways such as saving people's And just uses his intelligence to defeat bad guys to save good guys.

So what??

Epic heros played a pretty good role in my life so far. And not just because they are fun to read and watch, it's because some of these super heros and people inspire me to actually get up and go do something like fitness and sports.


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