The Children's Crusades The Results and impact

Article by: Sam Bombara

Edited by: Sam Bombara

The Results of The Children’s Crusade

The Children's Crusade ended very harshly. It was started by a shepherd boy named Stephen and the people were deceived by the false truth that he was preaching. Allegedly, Jesus came to Stephen in a dream and gave him bread and a letter for the King of France. This led people to believe he was preaching the truth, which led many people into slavery and death. People would go on ships and never return, and have never been heard of again. Thousands of children got captured and died, whether it be by a sunken ship or by stolen by “friendly” merchants. The Children’s Crusade ended in such a horrible way and in a way that most likely left many people distraught.

Priests blessed them with bravery, but told the children that they were too young to take back the Holy Land. The children obviously carried on with their quest to secure Jerusalem, but only to find out all of their efforts would be in vain.

Many of the children who took part in the crusade got captured and enslaved, others died at sea from sailing to different coasts. Kids were taken by slave-traders who tricked them and were sold to different traders. In a passage, it states, “The five ships that survived the storm found themselves soon afterwards surrounded by a Saracen squadron from Africa; and the passengers learned that they had been brought there by arrangement, to be sold into captivity”. This states that people who went on some merchants’ ships were brought to a different city and enslaved by a Saracen squadron from Africa. Some kids were sold to muslim slave traders and were never heard of again. Girls who were enslaved were raped and sold to other countries for higher prices, and sometimes even murdered. Muslim slave markets sold them to whoever wanted them.Many of the Children did not get captured though, but died of starvation or thirst, or were drowned at sea. It states in an article that, “There is no proof that any of this is true as none of the children who left Marseilles ever returned.” This states that there is no proof that anyone returned back home from their journey.

Children were not the only things that were lost in this crusade though. The survivors’ faith in God waned and was lost, meaning that they no longer believed in Him the way they did before. The children also did not accomplish their goal to take back Jerusalem, or even reach Jerusalem for that matter. In an article, it says, “The church claimed the tragic fate of the children the work of the devil.” This means the priests thought the devil deceived all of these people and made them lose their faith in God.

This crusade proved to be a brutal failure and a huge mess and got thousands of people killed because of the ideas of one child who claimed to see Jesus. The message was of good intention, but evil was surely shrouded in the midst of this bloody crusade.

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