Making His Mark by: Mahalia Taylor

Sophomore Hunter Roach preformed on stage for the first time ever on Thursday November 30. Roach was cast as Scar in "The Lion King Jr".
Roach before his makeup, talking to other cast members. "As a first time performer on the stage, I wasn't very confident in my ability to perform with a crowd. Though I did feel much better after opening night," said Roach.
Roach getting his makeup done before the performance.
Roach preforming his scene "Scars Den" at the Friday night show. "I played Scar, I absolutely love the role as a big bad villain. The "oozing sarcasm" as Mr. Lindley said in rehearsals, was very fun to portray," said Roach.
Roach performed like it was second nature and as if he were born to be on the stage. He shows major talent in playing a villain role on stage and Roach takes the show to a new level.
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Mahalia Taylor

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