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Niagara Falls:

The waterfall in Niagara Falls contains two waterfalls on the Niagara River. This creates the border between New York and Ontario, Canada. An estimated amount of 12,000 years ago was when the Falls were first formed. Some of the water from the waterfalls are used to provide power for the United States and Canada. This makes Niagara Falls with the largest source of electric power in the world ("Niagara Falls"). The Niagara River flows for approximately 35 miles/hour. The Falls were formed when melting glaciers formed massive fresh water lakes or known as the Great Lakes one of which ran downhill toward another which was Lake Ontario ("Niagara Falls Facts").

Niagara Falls is a place in Canada that my family and I have been to for a very long time. It is very important to me as I have been going there since I was younger and it is always fun to go for vacation. Niagara Falls should be valued by all Canadians as it one of the most beautiful place in all of Canada. The atmosphere with all the people and the waterfall itself is amazing. I would recommend to go here.

Free Health Care:

Health Care was first announced in Canada on July 1, 1962, in Saskatchewan. It would be the first government controlled medical insurance plan in North America ("The Birth of Medicare"). Saskatchewan introduced a universal medical insurance plan to provide doctors' services to everyone near them. The Canadian Health Care system has faced a few challenges in the recent years due to how the services were delivered ("Canada's Health Care System").

Free Health Care in Canada is absolutely amazing to have. The fact that if you know if your not feeling well, or are injured doesn't matter, is incredible because you can always see a doctor. This helps you a lot as you can get cured faster than before and help worrying as well. Free Health Care should be valued by all Canadians because this is what helps you whenever you need it. If it will help you forever, why not value it.


Multiculturalism has a very long history in Canada. In fact, Canada was the first country in the world to take hold of multiculturalism as an official policy. This policy became law in 1988. Multiculturalism is designed to enhance the multicultural legacy of Canadians while working to have the equality of all Canadians in the economic, social and cultural aspect of Canada ("Overview of Multiculturalism in Canada").

Multiculturalism is awesome to have in Canada. This helps a variety of different races to get along with one another. This helps Canada grow as a country as more and more people from different parts of the world come here to sometimes start a new life. This is important to me because it helps more people connect with each other and helps people understand more of how other prts of the world is like.


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