Midterm Portfolio By: Mariah Vander Veen

This photograph was based off of a Japanese food artist (Gaku) who carved fruits and vegetables. I chose to carve strawberries because they are softer and more applicable. The newspaper is copied from Gaku's photographs. I used the mason jar and the wood background to give it a more rustic look.
This photograph was taken at the Tomb of the Unknown Solider. In this photo you have three soldiers walking to the edge of the platform after preforming the changing of the guard ceremony. This photograph demonstrates the shape of things and the layered look.
This photograph was used for a warm up at the beginning of the semester. I like this photograph because it uses several composition points and is very well taken. This photograph portrays the use of shadow, leading lines, and balance. My subject would not take off his hat so the eyes are a bit dark but I had no control over that.
This polaroid photograph was made by Aubree. Aubree did a great job on this photograph because of the unique setting with the appropriate positioning. This photograph portrays mystery and suspense. Aubree also did a good job on the placement of the polaroid placements.
This picture was also taken by Aubree. Personally this is one of my absolute favorite photographs of me. Aubree made me look really good by adding a blueish tone to my shadow. She also put me in a classic, elegant, and simple pose that captures the moment.

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