United States of Trumpica "You're Fired"

The Constitution

The constitution was a written document that consists of 6 principals, or rules that the citizens would live by. All of these principals are listed and described below. This document was written in September of 1787.

The US Constitution
Popular Sovereignty

Popular Sovereignty is the idea that all government power comes from the people. The people decide what amount of power each part of the government can obtain. The people elect representatives (the president) to enforce these standards.

"We the People" The first three words of the US Constitution.
Limited Government

Limited government is the system if not letting the government doing anything that they want. The idea of limited government is drawing a line and limiting how much the government can do. No on is above the law.

Separation of Powers

Separation if power is the solution of not letting one "section" of the government have too much power, instead spreading the power all among the government. For example, the president can not interpret the law or the constitution, only the supreme court is allowed to do that.

The three branches of government.

Federalism is drawing the boundaries between federal and state governments and stating what they can and can not do. For an example, state governments are not allowed to print their own currency or print US currency, only the federal government could do that.

The political pyramid of power.
Checks and Balances

Checks and balances is the concept of the government limiting other parts of the government in their actions and what they can or can not do. Checks and balances also makes it so that each branch of the government looks over the other two to make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do and they are not doing anything wrong.

Checks and Balances
Representative Government

Representative government is where citizens can elect representatives from their state to make laws. The electoral collage is used to elect these people, who ever has the most electoral votes, is the new representative of the country.

The two political campaigns for presidential candidates.
Becoming a Citizen

Do you want to become a citizen of the UST (United States of Trumpica)? If so, you will just have to follow a few easy steps. First, you have to learn the English language (tienes que aprender el idioma inglés). Then you will have to take a small test. Granted that you pass, you will receive a green card stating that you are a citizen of the UST.

Test of Citizenship

1. Who was the first president?

2. What would happen if a government official went beyond their given power?

3. Predict what would happen if there was no president.

4. How is this government's systems or laws similar to another government's systems or laws?

5. Is there a better solution to the government system then the current constitution?

6. Can you see a possible solution to fixing relations with other countries?

"In Harambe, We Trust"
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Derek Berchtold


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