Early College Notes July 7, 2019

Updates for JPEC Athletics 2019-20

Varsity boys’ soccer will be moving to a co-ed team for the fall which means there will not be a varsity girl’s team in the spring.

Any student who desires to participate in two sports at the same time must: (*This applies to both College Prep and Early College*)

Obtain an approval form from the AD and Coaches

Seek academic approval from Academic Coach

Choose a primary and secondary sport

Secure parental approval

Physical Examinations:

Students must have passed a current year physical examination (dated on or after April 15th). The record must be on file in the school office. An athlete may not practice or try-out with a team until having a physical examination card on file in the athletic office.

JPEC will be providing Sports physicals here on campus on July 17th from 3:00-5:00 pm. The cost will be $10.

Athletic Dress:

CP: College Prep students must be in school uniform or their team jersey with dress pants. If the coach decides to have the team wear their team jersey and dress pants the entire team must follow this.

EC: Coaches discretion.

Proper "Chain of Command" for all Athletes and Parents:

Meet with Head Coach

Meet with the Head Varsity Coach

Meet with Athletic Director


A student athlete who is ineligible for any three weeks in total throughout the season will result in removal from the team for that season.

All student athletes must be proficient in 66% of their courses from previous term to be eligible to participate in the next term. * This applies for Early College Only*

School Attendance:

Any unexcused absence during the day will make the student ineligible for competition for the day of absence or the next day with Saturday contest. An absence is ten (10) or more minutes late for a class.

Practice Attendance:

Three unexcused absences may result in removal from the team, per coach’s expectations


Being a member of an athletic team is regarded as an honor and privilege. At no time should a student athlete’s conduct and/or behavior reflect poorly on the team, school, or community. If poor conduct and/or behavior are exhibited, disciplinary action may be issued by the coach and/or the administration.

Minor Violations:

Minor violations shall be defined by the Student Code of Conduct in the student handbook. Some examples of minor violations include but is not limited to: use of profanity, behavior which infringes on the rights of others, missed practices that are unexcused, a suspension from school of 1-3 days, office referral, and other minor disciplinary problems which come under this definition including training rules and regulations. Minor violations shall in all cases be handled by the coach.

Major Violations:

Athletic Director will make final determinations on future participation in athletics.


All Major violations will result in removal from current team and/or will affect future participation in athletics.

Major violations shall be defined by the Student Code of Conduct. Some examples of major violations include but are not limited to:

Possession, use, and sale of tobacco, alcohol or illegal drugs.

Knowingly attending a gathering of students where the athlete knows or should reasonably know that alcohol or drugs are being used.

Committing acts of gross misconduct.


Violent physical acts.


Multiple suspensions

Suspensions over 3 days

Jackson College Spring Term Starting

Dual enrolled students should be aware of the start and end dates of their college courses for this term, as many start later than this week or end before August. Students may sign out their textbooks in the back of the main office.

Any textbooks not returned from last term will be billed to families. Graduates with outstanding balances will not be granted diplomas until accounts have been rectified.

Travel With JPEC!

Interested in visiting London, Paris, Florence & Rome in 2021, while earning college credits? The earlier you sign up, the lower the travel rates, and monthly billing options are available. Parents and students are welcome. Speak to Ms. Shirk to find out more details! Contact her directly at sarah.shirk@jacksonpec.org

College Advising for Fall Registration

If you have not met with Chris Kimball to get registered for Fall, please plan to attend his walk-in hours on Thursdays from 1-3pm.

In an effort to not overcrowd the walk-in hours and/or create long waiting periods for your peers, please don’t hesitate to schedule an individual 30 minute appointment with Chris by following this link: www.jccmi.edu/chris

Message Space Available in the Falcon Press

Want to wish your friend, student, a family member a happy birthday, congratulations, or good luck message? Do it so they can't miss it! For 20$ you can purchase a business card sized "shout out!" advertisement in The Falcon Press! See or email Conner Richards, Advertising Editor or Scarlet H. Sager, Advisor and provide your message with cash or check and it will appear in our next issue in April 2019. Deadline for ads for this issue is April 20, 2019.

Yearbooks for Sale

For the past 5 years, our school has produced a yearbook to preserve school memories for students and their families. The yearbook is a strong tradition in our school and we strive to deliver the best possible yearbook for our students every year. The cost is $60, which provides a hardcover 80-page book filled with memories of our student’s experiences and accomplishments. Orders can be placed at https://ybpay.lifetouch.com/Order/SelectJob by using the code 13635419.

To help us provide a high-quality yearbook at a price that all families can afford, please consider contributing to our yearbook donation program. Donations can be made while ordering your own yearbook online. Your generosity allows us to provide yearbooks to students who may not otherwise be able to afford a copy. Thank you for supporting JPEC’s yearbook program!

Don't forget to check out the newest from the Falcon Broadcast Network!

Have a great week!

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