China Struggles to fight pollution Fight the pollution to Avoid not to Solve


Revenue: An Income a company or organization makes

Renewable energies : Energy Generated by Natural things such as Sunlight, wind, water etc

Fossil fuel reliance: Left substances from Fossils that can be used for fuel

Socioeconomic factors: Measure of Social and Economic Experience or skills

Controversies: An Event which gets heated by public, government etc

Revamp: IMPROVED form or sturcture

How can pollution in China might impact the economy?

Lots of China’s revenue might go in spending on improving the pollution when there is no guarantee that it will succeed. Recently, Spencer king who is the author of article “China's Pollution-Based Economy Creates Dangerous Haze ” claims, “Moving forward, Chinese government officials plan to spend at least $360 billion by 2020 to mitigate the dangerous public health crisis caused by immense air pollution. The solution rests in renewable energies, which the country aims to implement in combination with a shift away from fossil fuel reliance. The plan has its critics, but it is a step in the right direction.” China have finally decided that they are planning to take actions by spending at least $360 billion by 2020 to avoid more pollution. It might be very decisive call from China but it might be late as there is already people leaving the country with no hope or will to solve pollution. “It's an economic and a public relations disaster, and it's not just the rich and powerful who are leaving. In 2014, 274,000 Chinese citizens were studying in U.S. universities, and less than half of them will return to China. Job opportunities and other socioeconomic factors play a role. But so does pollution and its effect on children.” says Adam minter who is a journalist and author of article” Clearing skies”. Ongoing pollution issues has led to people studying abroad because of the risks they fear of due to pollution. People leaving china to live better and study abroad is leading china to a deep economic hole which can hurt the country in a very negative way. There is still hope for china if government find a way to reduce their coal usage.

We learn to ruin but not to solve
What has the world turned into?
One man wont solve it, we need the whole world
How is china going to reduce coal usage?

With the ongoing pollution in China, there have been many controversies that coal is the reason for pollution. Being that pollution has gotten worse each year, China are trying to set goals to cap its coal usage every year and are trying to use “share of energy derived from renewable sources”. Recently, Michael Lelyveld who is the author of “China Claims Coal Cutback Despite Doubt”,states, “U.S. officials and others say efforts to improve air quality are what is really driving changes in China’s coal consumption rates, with cuts in CO2 as a side effect. But even with dual benefits, the goal to peak emissions by 2030 will require strong and sustained leadership. ‘The only way to achieve these goals is a steady annual effort,’ both in China and the U.S., says Jonathan Pershing, a senior adviser to the U.S. energy secretary and a former State Department climate change negotiator.”. United states efforts to help out china is slowly solving China’s pollution by reducing coal usage. Although improvement at higher rates is is possible if they all contribute and cut down Co2 as side effect.” In order to reduce the coal usage, it's essential that both the United States and China need to work as one with greater leadership and be able to achieve goals with a steady annual effort. China has not only tried to solve this with the efforts with United States but they have tried taking legal actions. Recently, Charlie Campbell who is the author of “Chinese People Are Buying All Kinds of Desperate Remedies to Protect Themselves From Smog”, states “The government said it was making efforts to deal with the choking haze, from lashing coal consumption in the capital Beijing by 30%, and the threat of legal action against the worst offending local authorities, to proposed cutbacks to the coal and steel industries. (Though Greenpeace claims the latter actually grew in capacity last year”. As china has realized the choking hazards due to coal, they have planned to put this in a legal aspect and set strict laws. The laws are too late as of now being that Citizens of China have been harmed by pollution in multiple.

How has China’s Pollution harmed citizens?

Pollution in china is getting worst each year and it is killing lots of Chinese citizens,created many diseases,factories were shut down. Pollution in China is absolutely shredding down China’s Population in a rapid rate. Recently, a study done by Researchers from Berkeley Earth, a climate research organization, calculated that about “1.6 million people in China die every year from health issues caused by the country’s notoriously polluted air.” This shows how china has been heavily impacted by the ongoing pollution and there has been 1.6 million deaths which is a loss for all of the world since china holds lots of electronics parts,labors,companies. If more citizens die than companies will go in loss,hurting all of the world. Not only death is the issue due to pollution but trash piling as well. Recently, Author of article “The Burning Problem Of China's Garbage” ,Rob Schmitz stated “Trash is piling up in China — more than 520,000 tons a day. China's government has concluded the best way to get rid of it is to burn it at incinerators like this one, the Gao'an Tun incinerator power plant run by the Chaoyang district of Beijing”. This shows how much trash keeps piling as pollution levels go high,people are worried about pollution and they have no solutions to solving a better place to put piles of trash.The question now becomes how is china going to effectuate and deal with pollution for future.

What has china done to avoid more pollution?

China has created many laws to avoid future pollutions,even though the laws haven't had a major result but it's a good way for them to progress. Recently Liu Qui who is the author of article “China's new Air Pollution Law omits key measures in war on smog” stated, “The new law also proposes to reduce vehicle emissions by raising fuel quality standards, and curb pollution from a sector that is blamed for being the single biggest cause of smog in many Chinese cities”. This shows how much china has considered to solve this issue and they are now focusing on having a better fuel quality which would help them reduce pollution because lot of issue comes from having a very bad fuel quality. China has not set laws to avoid the pollution but they have tried to educate people about reducing future pollution. Lately, Wansu Xu who is author of article “Education Campaign Reduces Plastic Pollution in Southwest China” stated, “Given this lack of conservation education, our team has been working to acquaint the local residents with the effects of their behaviors on the environment, as well as teach efficient and scientific ways to avoid these behaviors. This shows how china are making sure people know how to make their environment better. All it takes is to educate people about methods and china has certainly done that so the future generation will learn, adapt and revamp China's environment.


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