What are Sisters For Real? seeing women set free to be who god called them to be

It all started in 2008.

On a perfectly normal, busy, exhausting autumn day, Cory Lyn Patterson heard God's heart for his daughters. For too long, women in churches have hidden their true selves from each other - afraid of judgement and condemnation from women who were meant to be their friends. With pressures to be holy and sinless, women crafted carefully constructed lives, always putting on their best front for others to see. Jealousy, competition and envy were hidden in the background, and walls were built between women. There was a pressure to look and act like a "Christian" woman should. And our true selves got buried deeper and deeper.

But God has called his daughters into freedom.

In the family of Christ, we are all sisters. God's heart's cry is that we would be Sisters for Real. Women who are safe, supportive, caring, uplifting, encouraging, and vulnerable. Women who form friendships that transcend age, social background, race, and economic status. Women who can depend on each other to get them through the really hard times. Women who point each other towards God, towards repentance, towards truth. Women who understand the enormous love that God has for them, and who can easily pour that love out to others.

We have been given different gifts and talents, and God wants us to use them, freely, with confidence that who we've been made to be is exactly what we should be. When we are committed Sisters for Real, we have a safe place to grow into women of strength and purpose. We don't try to mold each other into cultural stereotypes. We allow each Sister to be beautifully, uniquely who God wants them to be.

Cory spreads this message of hope and encouragement to as many people as she can. To learn more about Sisters for Real, go to www.corylynpatterson.com.

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