Standing In The Way Of Control By Gossip

Standing In The Way Of Control

2005 | Rock

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“It's part not giving in and part trusting your friends. -- You do it all again but you don't stop trying.”


  • Gossip formed in Olympia, Washington in 1999.. For most of their career, the band consisted of singer Beth Ditto, multi-instrumentalist Brace Paine, and drummer Hannah Blilie.
  • Standing In The Way Of Control was produced by Ryan Hadlock, owner of Bear Creek Studio, and Fugazi singer/guitarist Guy Picciotto.
  • Ditto wrote the song as a response to the Federal Marriage Amendment which would have constitutionally outlawed same-sex marriage in the United States


Luke Tatum

I'd heard this song before, but never paid much attention to the words behind the jam. It seems that this was written as a way of protesting the idea that gay marriage might have been banned in the United States. But before I read that, I was fixated more on this little nugget: "...it's hard to face the truth; When you think you're dying." We've probably all heard this at some point or another. Those in power keep us living as close to a susistence level as possible, because when you're living paycheck to paycheck it's hard to spend much time analyzing the upper echelons of power. Is that an easy sell for the average person you meet? No, absolutely not. It'll make you look like a crazy person. But is it true? Maybe!

Sherry Voluntary

This fun song has a great line, "It's part not giving in, and part trusting your friedns." It reminds me that no man is an island and individuals need communities. If we are ever to have a libertarian society we will need to foster communities and relationships that we can rely on in lean times.

Nicky P

The necessity of this song is bullshit. Why does the government have any say in marriage? Don't get me wrong I think laws forcing people TO marry people are as much bullshit but it is absolutely maddening to me that government need to weasel its way into love. You might say but Nick it's for legal reasons pertaining to insurance. More bullshit. If not for all the cronyist laws involved in the insurance industry blocking out competition market forces would provide insurance for people to whatever standard they require. That's their beauty. If you never have go and check out Doug Stanhope's bit on marriage and the government. Really lays out the nonsense.

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Nicky P

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