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Boom Boom Boom! Guns firing, men yelling,many lives were lost that what it was like on the night of Harper’s Ferry. Harper’s Ferry was a military factory were guns and explosives were made and stored.It was also in Virginia(what is now West Virginia).Believe it or not Thomas Jefferson founded Harper’s Ferry! Many events happen at Harper’s Ferry but this next one coming up would result in tragedy.

Harper's Ferry

John Brown was born on May 9,1800 in Torrington CT. His family was part of the underground railroad who helped escaped slaves make it to the north states like Maryland.But a tragedy struck America. Border Ruffians Forced Kansas to make slavery legal. When the state refused they BURNED the city of Lawrence , Kansas. So with about three other men he killed five ruffians.Which made him wanted for murder.

Three years later John Brown took twenty one men into Harper’s Ferry. When a train passed Harper’s Ferry passengers saw men and threw notes so people knew about the raid . Plus people woke up because they heard gunfire.When he got to close John Brown’s men shot the Harper’s Ferry mayor.John Brown’s raid was over in twelve hours.On December 2, 1859 he died of hanging.

We remember John Brown as a man who was willing to die for slaves freedom what bravery! Some south people called him “Terrorist” or “Demonic” . But the truth is:even though the raid failed he showed great bravery even if it was a failure.John Brown wanted to do the good thing but not the right way.So next time you do a history project and don’t know who to do sit back and think about what John Brown did. You ask Andy


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