Health & Welfare Alexis R., Karen C., Janet M., Rosemary O., & Marlyn L.

Medicare Act

The Medicare Act also known as the Social Security Act, is a basic program of hospital insurance for persons of age 65 and older.

Year: 1965

Effect: It aids the elderly in paying doctor bills and other healthcare bills.

Still relevant today?: Yes, it's a lifeline that puts healthcare in the reach of millions.

Child Nutrition Act

It was a demonstrated relationship between food and good nutrition for children.

Year: 1966

Effect: It met more effectively and nutritional needs for children.

Still relevant today?: Yes because it gives children good nutrition and less fattening food.

Food Stamp Act

Any program that promulgated pursuant to the provisions of this act.

Year: 1964

Effect: It helped families who didn't earn much or couldn't afford.

Still relevant today?: Yes, many families still use this to feed their children and other relatives.

National School Lunch Act

It made the states participate in giving students their lunches.

Year: 1962

Effect: The program had a short-run health but over time it had higher educational attainment.

Still relevant today?: Yes, every school in America provides the students with lunch.

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