My Five Favorite Place To Go To

In Italy, the Colosseum is one of the coolest places that I want to visit one day. The interesting facts about the Colosseum is it was a battle arena with people and animals. This place would be cool to go to.

In Washington D.C, The White House is a very cool place that I want to go. I want to go in the white House is to see the History of the White House with its History of when America was being born. It would the coolest place in America to go to.

I want to visit London England is that the city is Beautiful City with a lot of its cool History. I want to visit the Imperial War Museum in London to see the cool stuff that was brought the the Museum. It is a third coolest place to visit.

I would like to visit Turkey from what I have heard it is a beautiful country and has beautiful city's. The place that I want to visit in Turkey is the city of Izmir. In Izmir, there is a lot of cool places to go in Izmir.

I wan to visit Japan is that I want to see the Races in Japan with cool cars to see. In Tokyo has a lot of Races and huge Soccer games. Also I want to see it's biggest Roller Coaster in Japan.


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