Police Brutality

How is police brutality affecting others?

How is police brutality affecting others?

Police brutality is affecting others by racial profiling, and psychological effects. Tom Ryan, the author of the article “Police Brutality: The Impact On The Victims”, clarifies, “Victims of police brutality may suffer from psychological effects and disorders. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an affliction that can lead to panic attacks, depression, substance abuse or suicidal tendencies.” Police brutality effects more than the physical aspects of the victims, it also effects their emotions. Police brutality also affects the power structure that it has on society. Tom Ryan, the author of the article “Police Brutality: The Impact On The Victims”, claims, “When police officers abuse their authority, the people stop respecting that authority, and the result is an unalterable disruption in power structure. Disruptions in power structures always result in compromised safety for both police and populace.” If police officers abuse their powers and use excessive force, people will have less respect for them.

Aren’t the police supposed to protect people from getting hurt?

Police are supposed to protect people from getting hurt, not bothering to show up when someone is in trouble. The police motto is “to protect and serve”, and the police aren’t doing that. In the article, Police brutality is a current issue, by Kayla Legion, confirms, “On July 5, 2016, police officers shot a man named Alton Sterling at close range because Alton had used a gun to threaten somebody inside a convenience store”. The police shot Alton because he had threatened somebody with a gun. In the article, Killers Behind the Badge, by Kristen West Savali, exclaims, “ Of the 30 killed people, 20 were definitely unarmed. 12 were innocent of any illegal behavior. 8 were emotionally disturbed and/or displaying strange behavior. The remaining 10 were engaged in illegal or potentially illegal behavior”. Even if there are people that are unarmed, innocent, emotionally disturbed, or displaying strange behavior, the police should still protect people from getting hurt.


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