Revolutions in Technology By: Jessica wu

Past: The Industrial Revolution


There was a major population boom due to the agricultural revolution using new technology and strategies for planting.

With more food being produced there came more people.

Because of the new technology, many people were laid off. This left many laborers in need of work.

Advancements in coal and iron were vital to the start of the many productions.

Britain had quite a bit of money so they could invest in these companies that just started up. There was also a demand for goods.

Technological Developments

Rooftops and Smokestacks of Factories

New machines allowed textiles to be made more efficiently and cheaper. They were able to produce more in less time.

Water frame
Spinning Jenny

When people started to utilize coal it became main source of energy. Iron was a very dependable and durable material. These two combined were used for most of these early machines.

Iron railroad
Steam powered locomotive engine

Along with these machines, there came easier ways of travel. Here are a few:


The steamboat allowed you to get places faster and go upstream.


A turnpike is the equivalent to a toll bridge. Travelers pay a fare to use their private road(s).

"The industrial Revolution was another one of those extraordinary jumps forward in the story of civilization." Stephen Gardiner

Pros of the industry

  • More job opportunity
  • Death rate declining
  • Economic prosperity / Affordable goods
  • Transportation more efficient

Cons of the Industry

  • Pollution
  • Child Labour
  • Overcrowded cities
  • Extensive work shifts

Present: The Digital Revolution

Technological Developments

The internet is the connections of computer networks.

Early internet server

It was created in the year of 1969.

Ancient Desktop

Around 40% of the worlds population are connected to the internet.

The first mobile phone was created in 1973 by Motorola.

Martin Cooper
New iPhone 7 Plus

Mobile phones back in the day had the most necessary functions like calling, texting, and even emailing. Now a days, we are able to perform those functions but so much more. Online shopping, listening to music and social media are just a few.

Social Media/Networking

Social meadia has reshaped the way we interact with people and the way we view the world and others around us.

Causes of the Digital Revolution

Telecoms Liberalization

  • Lack of restrictions allowed more option and voice
  • Less expensive when there was a high demand

Broadband Access

  • Broadband access is the internet
  • This caused the demand for devices to be able to access the internet.
Ancient Nokia Phone

Cheap mobile phones

  • People wanted more capabilities,
  • Ancient Nokia phones weren't very ' smart '
" The digital revolution is marching on and entering every aspect of life. " Ernest Raue

Pros to Digital Revolution

  • Efficient way to communicate messages and ideas
  • Shop online instead of in store
  • Easy to advertise and good for marketing
  • Save paper

Cons to Digital Revolution

  • People can become more unsocial and lack social skills
  • Cyber bullying
  • Car accidents
  • Fraud ( identity, card, etc. )

Future: Electric Car Revolution


High gas prices

As the gas prices rise, it costs a lot more to fuel a traditional car.

Co2 Emissions

For every gallon burnt, a pound of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere. We can reduce and keep our air clean by using electric cars.

Automated Driving

Sometimes you can run into accidents or pass out at the wheel. But there have been a few instances where their cares saved their lives. Safety is priority.

Technological Advancements

Smart Car

Nissan Leaf

Tesla Model 3

Pros of Electric cars

  • Less expensive fuel
  • Cleaner air
  • No tailpipe emissions
  • Can be safer


  • Hours to recharge
  • Limited range
  • Higher initial cost
"Electric cars aren't pollution free; they have to get their energy from somewhere. " Alexandra Paul


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