Love, Lucy ...

CIAOOO ragazzi. Only a few more weeks and a couple more blogs, I promise! Had to check back on my last post to remind myself where y'all left off, and boy do you have some catching up to do. We finished off spring break in Nice, France and letmetellyou it was niiiiiceeeeeeee #punny #basic. Our airbnb spoiled us with balcony happy hours, beautiful views, and an opportunity to restrict the spending by cooking @ home (BLESS UP). L's were taken here and there (my phone was stolen by 4 thieving French boys, so photos brought to you by my good friends, no copyright intended), but overcoming the L's become way easier when you're surrounded by some of your favorite humans (& OH was I!!)

ft. balcony happy hours ~ I hope my future looks a little something like this

Our first night in Nice was one in dire need of relaxation. We knew 4 countries in 10 days would be ambitious, but boy does the whole planes, trains and automobile thing really take a toll on you. The four of us enjoyed lounging in our towels on this picturesque balcony for a longgggg happy hour featuring your favorite Italian foods (peep the pizza, caprese, and bread with oil; you can take the girls out of Italy, but you can't take Italy out of the girlzzzz lol). We stayed in, enjoyed a couple of our favorite episodes of New Girl and called it a night. Get yourself friends that can Netflix and chill while you're in the French Riviera on spring break, they are keepers.

The next morning we decided to day trip to Cannes (really tough life, one beach to another, UGH). Now 63 and sunny doesn't usually scream beach day, but that European sun really sneaks up on you (cue 3rd degree sunburns and uncomfortable night's sleeps). Other than those thieving children, we really had nothing to complain about. The water was crystal blue, the sun was hot, the ocean was swimmable, and we got to end spring break in swimsuits and not touring around the city's must sees. AHHHH the life. Ending the beach day with some heavy moisturizer for the sunburn, a balcony happy hour, and a small exploration of the night life in Nice, it couldn't have been more perfect.

The rest of the weekend consisted of more lounging on balconies, exploring the Old Town of Nice on a Sunday morning, eating French crepes, and taking in all the ~views~ from the South of France. Nice reminded me a lot of a cute little, beachy Florida town (our Charly girl can attest), and even our cab driver pointed out the similarities. "Everybody wants what they can't have" he told us, as we drove past a sign that read Miami Beach. It's crazy that people feel the need to compare where they are, and what they have, to something perceivably better. Europe has really proved this to me. Everything is based on your perception. If you choose to see the best in things- places you visit, experiences you have, people you meet- you become a HAPPIER PERSON (ground breaking stuff really).

HONEY, LINDA, LISTEN TO ME. These people are the ~real deal~ the ~bees knees~ the ~cats meow~, you name it. I'm SO thankful for them and their contagious positive energy, supportive nature, and down-to-earth spirit. Thank you for making spring break and all the L's that came along with it so very minuscule in the grand scheme of things. S/O to Abby for sharing her technological devices with me for at least a week, to Kate for taking that other L with me like a champ (buying wrong plane tickets probably doesn't help that traveling anxiety huh) and to Charly, our little planner who's already working out weekends where we can visit each other once we're all back in the States. I appreciate you.

Well people, back in Rome just in time for final projects, final exams, and our last two trips abroad ( how in the WORLD is it coming down to this already). We are all getting anxious about going home and mixed feelings are surfacing, but nonetheless we are going to enjoy our last couple weeks here the best we know how. BUT I do have news my people... not only will I be slaving away at Maynard's this summer, but I have just accepted an internship with JL Buchanan, a retail consulting firm that works with Target, for the summer. I'll be a category management intern, as well as a server, and as soon as those plane wheels touch down in May I'll be back in that routine of a ~working girl~. Ellie, be prepared to be trained in by your big sis on that wharf. Big shoes to fill my girl ;) Until then, back to attempting to put that "study" back into studying abroad. Arriverderci! Ciao bellas!

Love, Lucy

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