Flamingos By: Anouska and anvi

Where they live

Flamingos live in warm waters, both shallow and deep. They are found in many places like,Europe, Africa ,India and the Caribbean.

The Flamingo Body

They walk on there thin legs. There necks and bills are curved. They weigh 3.3 and 9 pounds, { 1.4 and 4 kilograms!} They have sharp thin beaks. There tips are black.


When the baby flamingo is 3 months old, it is ready to fly. They grow their flight feathers. Once they learn to fly, they leave their parents.


Males attract the females by honking. Before mating they do a little dance. There is a lot of flapping and ruffling during this time. Both male and female feed a special milk, to the baby.

Flamingo Food

They eat plants, shrimp and insects. They eat by dipping their heads in the water and the grabbing the little shrimp, with their long sharp beaks.

Baby Chicks

Baby chicks have a special tooth to break out of the egg. When the babies are born they are not pink, they are a grayish color. They grow their pink feathers when they are 3 or 4 years old.

Fun Facts

- There predators are crocdiles and bald eagles

- The yolks of the eggs are pink

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PebbleGo and Kids InfoBits

Created By
Anoushka and Anvi


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