A sneak peek into the mind of a young artist Grace Livecchi '21

All of us have a quirk, or something we could talk about or do for hours on end. For Elle DesMarteau '22, this is art.

"I have kind of always liked to do art. There’s never been a specific time where I started," DesMarteau said. "I started off drawing and then as I grew up I learned other skills like painting, graphic design, jewelry making, etc."

Walking into Elle's room, my eyes were drawn to her seemingly boundless wall of art. "I've just been compiling stuff to put up on it for the past two years," she said. "Then occasionally I will organize all the stuff and put up a whole section."

Like many creative minds, the young artist is influenced by music. "I always listen to music when I do art," DesMarteau said. "Sometimes I will watch something on tv but I never end up paying attention. I normally listen to rock/grunge or rap. Sometimes I'll make a piece based on a song or album and listen to it over and over while I make it."

Pictured on the right is DesMarteau's acrylic interpretation of Mac Miller's "Watching Movies with the Sound Off."
A drawing Elle is working on for Samir Mott '22, as he came up with the subject.

"Making art is so fun. There are no rules and it makes me feel somewhat productive without having to force myself to do something boring," DesMarteau said. Although her artwork is beautiful to admire, DesMarteau creates art for herself and herself only. "I don't like when I have an obligation to sit down and make stuff, or when people expect everything I make to be good. That ruins the whole point of it for me and then it becomes work."

All photos taken by Grace Livecchi '21