Week 2 Corona Break

DAY 9:

It's Sunday!! Today I attended all of the classes/meetings at out temple over a video conference. I heard that my friend did the same for her mosque, and another friend did the same for church. I imagine every version of a religious sermon talked about something related to the Corona virus. I know we did.

After today, Spring break is officially over and online school begins. I'm excited to have some, at least some, structure to my day. Normally, Spring break is a productive break for me, but this time it wasn't break, it was quarantine, which somehow sucked all the purpose out of the day. I know it's all in my mind, but the end of this week and the beginning of online school comes with a load of regrets. All the things I needed to get done, all the better ways I could have spent my time, etc. But at least I can say that I am well rested? I have positively made up for lost sleep, and will continue to get sleep for the remainder of the quarantine. That's healthy, right?

Instead of moping about what I haven't gotten done here's a list of things I want to do now that my schedule has been cleared:

  • Paint/art
  • Find a new book series to read
  • Bake
  • Organize photos/start a photo album
Happy Spring!! I guess...

DAY 10:

It's Monday, but I didn't really wake up early, I just started school when I was ready to. I could get used to that. However, my inbox was full of google classroom and schoology notifications as soon as I started. Considering most of those assignments were still due by the end of the day, I probably should have started a bit earlier. Most of the assignments were okay, because for this first week there was mostly just review, or a way to confirm that we understood how online school was going to work. The only thing that was rough was when there was new content. Reading a slideshow is not the same as watching a teacher present it... at all. but luckily we live in a world where I just looked up a different video to explain the concept to me. So things definitely take longer than they used to, and without the structure of a school day, I end up working for longer than I want to be.

However, if online has taught me anything, it's to be thankful for the teachers and coaches in my life. Teaching myself has proved to be harder than I thought, and it's only the first day. So thank you teachers for sticking with me when thing don't make sense in my mind, and being kind enough to do so with an encouraging smile always. I know It's easy to feel alone in our problems right now, but I know at least regarding education, we are all working through this together:).

So Many Notification

DAY 11:

Today was my first "Google Meets" history class. I was actually really looking forward to seeing everyone, and it also forced me to wake up before 10. Mr. Chidester was very proud of himself for using so much technology and using it so well. Things almost felt normal, I mean it wasn't normal because Mr. Chidester was sitting on a recliner in his home, and my friends weren't next to me taking notes. Instead I was looking at google icons of people, left to imagine what they look like now. But it was almost normal, which was enough for me.

Now that I work at home, my music is always playing in the background, which has forced me to listen to new music and artists rather than my few select playlists over and over again. So it's weird, I feel disconnected from people, but also more connected to the world, only through the internet. Right now I especially wish I had some sort of social media just to see other people and feel less isolated. Right now, the downfalls that come with social media seem neglect-able. At the end of the day, that's how we are overcoming this crisis, by having each others support, and recognizing that we are going through this together. Without it I imagine quarantine life would have been much harder.


DAY 12:

HUMP DAY!! Corona is getting worse. If the quarantine didn't seem necessary before it sure is now. However after an extremely depressing and glum and tension filled evening news there was a happy ending. People everywhere are spreading hope. Singing on their porches, standing on balconies to cheer on first responders and medical personnel, and in my neighborhood actually, birthday wishes from six feet away. People were driving by and honking at a kid on his birthday. There is hope out there and people are finding it:).

Elsa came to sing for my neighbor's birthday

In other news, I think our family has figured out this work from home thing. Well, it's really only my mom and I at home, but we each have our spaces, and talk to each other enough, but not too much because we know we can annoy each other, and there really is no escape if that starts to happen. My school work has taken over the den. The table is covered in text books, worksheets, folders. It looks like a mess, but it is a mess I can understand so it's okay. My work used to be confined too my back pack, but now I can just move to a different side of the table when I am ready to switch subjects. It is a working system.

In my natural environment...

DAY 13:

This week has gone fast, which is weird. It's Thursday already, and online school is in full swing. It's a little overwhelming actually. My eyes have actually hurt these passed few days. It's one thing to be quarantined, it's another thing to be quarantined and just live your life online. It's not like I spend all day doing online school but even when I am taking a break, my screen doesn't turn off. I read for pleasure, but I can't go to the library so I stare at the ebook on my laptop. I take a break to catch up with my friends, over text. I watch TV, I check news updates, and I go to school over the blinding screen of light I was never quite comfortable with in the first place. At the same time, this kind of life online defines our generation, and sets our quarantine life apart from the pandemics that predate Covid 19. I just heard that some museums have gone online to. What's the outside for again?

I did go on a walk today, even though it was raining. Something that made my heart happy was the sidewalk chalk art outside. It seems as though all the little ones in our neighborhood have taken over the streets during their break from school. I saw messages written on a driveway from a little girl who missed her friend, some impressive abstract art, and some "welcome spring" art. Social distancing has brought the pavement to life, and it was cool to see. Maybe I'll design my driveway, 'til then.


DAY 14:

Sup' you guys! It's Friday and we are surviving. My guard friends and I have created a virtual workout group, so every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, a group of us will be on a Zoom call together working out. I'm excited, I worked out exactly once, by myself. So hopefully I'll have better luck doing it with friends. I didn't realize how much of a stress reliever exercise was until I stopped. I get stressed about school easily. But going to practice after school and working really hard at something that wasn't academic, that is what cleared my head and allowed me to stop thinking for once. and it tired me out enough for me to get quality sleep. Without it, apparently, I am a mess. Plus, It'll be a sort of routine? Which will also be good for me.

Speaking of exercise, my family in India are doing the same thing...

"Home gym"

Seeing that in our extended family group chat was a reminder to me that this is international. I know that seems like a stupid realization, I mean, it is a pandemic after all. But because of the quarantine, a lot of us feel alone, but we're obviously all going through the same thing, just in safely separated and sanitized spaces. The pandemic sucks, it does, but I think it's pretty darn cool that the human race is walking through it together. The fact that half way across the world, there are people doing the same thing as me makes life feel just a little less lonely. I hope you all feel the same :)). Hang in there.

Corona ain't got Nothing on Us.


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