Why Should People Read Shakespeare? People should read Shakespeare’s work because despite the time difference, issues are still the same; for example, social criticism, relationships, and family problems.

“The language is rich, the characters are complex and many of his basic themes – love, treachery, honor, bravery and political intrigue – still resonate today” (Alan Craven).

-Shakespeare is still cared about today because not only was he one of the greatest writers, he is still very relatable to current society.

-Many people who have problems that Shakespeare addressed like relationship, family, income or more issues could relate to, from some it can even provide comfort

-Cultural expression through his works can relate to many modern day arts, while Shakespeare was this first to talk about these things, but in a much more entertaining way

"Both hip-hop music and Shakespeare’s theater represent energetic and inventive forms of expression" (The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company).

-Many types of music show lots of influence from Shakespeare, sometimes in things we don't even realize such as hip-hop and rap music that you would hear on the radio

-Hip-hop is often compared to Shakespeare because of how wide hip-hop artists vocabularies are, and the topic hip-hop artists will talk about, many hip-hop artists will talk about issues that you would hear Shakespeare talking about

Akala's TED Talk brings up the point that Shakespeare can be adjusted to fit many forms of modern day society, while he still gets the message across.

-Akala's TED Talk shows how hard it can be hard to tell the difference between lyrics from hip-hop artists and works from Shakespeare because they often discuss similar topics and they both have such wide vocabularies

-The Ted Talk also shows how if you were to put a beat to Shakespeare's works and make them more like a rap song they fit just as equally as they do in his normal writings

“Shakespeare used 5170 unique words. Melville used 6022. In the top three places were Aesop Rock, GZA and Kool Keith, with 7392, 6426 and 6238 unique words respectively”

-People don't always see hip-hop artists as being as smart or even smarter than Shakespeare, but if you look at it, multiple hip-hop artists are found to have bigger vocabularies than Shaekspeare

-In a study it was found that 16 hip-hop artists, or more had bigger vocabularies than Shakespeare did

-Shakespeare is seen as a very well educated man, while hip-hop artists are seen more as just famous and sometimes even not well educated

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