Lab 1: Roots, Stems, and Leaves by adrian, who is very tired and just wants to sleep for a week

Snap 1: who is in my team? nobody. there is no team. i do not exist.

Snap 2: The location of the root cap on the root

Snap 3: The taproot, so called because it has one main root rather than a web

Snap 4: A fibrous root. The web, sans spider

Snap 5: A woody stem. This one is... really old.

Snap 6: Three types of herbaceous stems, pointed at with three fingers

Snap 7: The vascular tissue of a herbaceous stem

Snap 8: five different shapes and sizes of leaves (this one was easy because there are so many kinds of weeds all growing so close to each other)

Snap 9: The biggest function of the leaf is to collect sunlight for food.

Snap 10: The xylem and phloem of the leaf:

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