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As always when it come to research, pintrest is my best friend. Being a very visual person so pinterest is my favourite place to look for information as the photograph is a link to a website.

Once I decided my chosen subject (Malibu), for my research I took to Pinterest to find some insporation to begin with. I put together a board and selected a few images from it to critic and show my opinion on below.

Here I looked at some brightly coloured, vibrant advertisements to seek inspiration. I felt this type of advertisement was very appropriate for the Malibu brand. Malibu was a big thing in the 80s the the vibrant colours are appropriate to this decade.


This was the first image i picked to crib as it jumped out to me as a lifestyle type shot as its more casual than some others I found. I like this photo as it is lovely and bright, which is aestheticly pleasing to the eye at first. The colours all are a running theme throughout the image, whether it was intentional or not, which again makes it aesthetically enjoyable to look at. Going into the photographic techniques of the photograph, The composition is really nice, they have tried to make it symmetrical(as they can do without having two of the same thing in the photo. The lighting technique looks to be natural through a window, going by looking at the reflections on the bottles. It looks like a diffused natural light, maybe a shift curtain over the door with will diffuse the light just light a soft box would with a studio flash head. Looking at the image as a whole i really like it, the colours and the composition is lovely. I really do like this image.
This photograph caught my eye in the obis of glass bottle photographs because of the way it is lit. Its a lot more unique than the typical lighting seen amongst all the other glass bottles. This bottle of ABSOLUT vodka is the 'iconic" bottle logo of the brand and its the main feature of all the products whether its a mini bottle or the largest bottle. I feel this photograph really extenuates the brand. The lighting techniques used looks to be a flash head behind a defusing panel or two single flash heads either side, pointing inwards creating a spot light directly behind the bottle. This technique really extenuates the bottle and the details on it. Also the use of perspex or glass under the bottle create a reflection which adds to the elegance of the bottle. As a whole photograph I love this photo. The simplicity of the image really adds a touch of elegance which I really like.
This image stood out as it looks very, unthought about. the reflections are really harsh and the bottle kind of merges with the background. The reflections look like, almost the ceiling lights in an office or something. Very harsh light, to improve this they could have used a diffusion panel which would have softened the light and reflections falling on the front of the bottle. To achieve a crisp white backdrop, using a still life table is a really good idea because you can get a really nice even light. In the photo this looks like what they have used, but it is all blown out and over exposed. They could improve this by bringing the flash that is behind the table down a few stop or using a light metre to keep track of what f stop the flash is at. As a whole the photograph isn't that great. The photographic techniques are not that great. The image doest grab your attention of good reasons, id call it a harsh photo, which is definitely not what you want in advertisement, you want the photographs to be aesthetically pleasing.


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