Photosynthesis & Respiration Encyclopedia By Meara

Photosynthesis happens in chloroplast, which contains chlorophyll.

Its the process in which plants make their own food by intaking six molecules of carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight in order to make sugar and release oxygen. The process of respiration starts when a human or an animal breaths in oxygen the plants release.

The process of photosynthesis begins with the leave strapping the sun's light energy through its chlorophyll, and the stoma, which are small pores in the leaves that take in gases and releases them, intake CO2 (carbon dioxide). Then roots take in water (H2O) and nutrients from the ground.

The leaves will then get six molecules of CO2 and H2O and then will use the sun's energy to break them apart.

The leaves will then make glucose, C6H12O6 + 602, their food. Six molecules of CO2 and H2O make one molecule of glucose and six molecules of oxygen.

The glucose is then used for its food and the extra oxygen molecules are released in to atmosphere for animals and humans.

The respiratory system is the process in which both plants and animals use to break down glucose or sugar by taking in oxygen.

As the oxygen and glucose move throughout our body through our bloodstream. In small cellular cells called mitochondria, the glucose and oxygen through the respiration reaction. When the reaction is over carbon dioxide, water, and ATP is left. The CO2 is released int your lungs, and you breath it out.

ATP means adenosine triphosphate. It's used to power cells that need work. It's energy that you store.

Plants use respiration through their roots, stem, and leaves. The stoma in the leaves are used to exchange gases, so it takes in and out both oxygen and carbon dioxide. The roots also collect oxygen from the little bits of air that are down in the cracks of the soil.

Plants use the oxygen to breakdown the glucose to make carbon dioxide and water.

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