Isaac Gunaseelan #3 Journaling Ezra 1,4,5,6 + Nehemiah 1,2

Ezra 1: In this chapter God spoke to Cyrus king of Persia, God told him to build a temple for him in Jerusalem. And Cyrus had all the things that Nebuchadnezzar carried away from Jerusalem put in the temple.

Ezra 4: In this chapter the enemies of Judah and Benjamin came to help build the temple. But the heads of Israel did not let them because they said that they will build their own temple. Then some people started discouraging Judah. And because of King Artaxerxes letter the building of temple was halted until the second year of Darius.

Ezra 5: This chapter was a letter from Tattenai to King Darius. The letter was about the temple and what the elders said. They questioned the elders and they answered that they have built the temple a long time ago for the Lord.

Ezra 6: This chapter is about the decree of Darius which let the temple rebuilt. His decree also included that all the workers had to get all their money. After that the temple was completed on the third day of Adar, in Darius's sixth year.

Nehemiah 1: In the start of this chapter Ezra was told that the walls of Jericho have been broken and that the gates were burned with fire. After Ezra heard this he started weeping and he prayed a huge prayer to the Lord.

Nehemiah 2: This chapter is about Nehemiah going to Jerusalem. God told Nehemiah to rebuild the Jericho wall. He inspected the wall without telling anyone his plan.

Reflection: Overall these chapters are about what God did through people. We can learn to follow God from these people.

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