It's Where We Are: Intimate Portraits of My Hometown by leigh Buffington

I yearn for my work to evoke a feeling of contemplation and wonder I strive for my paintings to be visually impactful and it is important for my message to have a connection to the spirit world.

Leigh Buffington currently lives and paints in Monroe, Louisiana. In 2007 she received her BFA in Studio Art from Louisiana Tech University. A significant influence has been a brief period of study in Paris, France in 2006. She primarily paints by building up layers using oil and cold wax medium on canvas, but also experiments using other mediums.
Coffee and a View, 2017

These painting arise from a feeling of being changed by the sense of connection to something larger. Because I live where my family has lived for generations, I have a strong sense of history in my natural surroundings.

The Great Healer, 2018 (L) Amy's Trees, 2018 (R)
Kirk Welding, 2017

The mind space that I’m in when I’m making art is not a world of words. It’s an experience.

Johnny's, 2018

Enoch's, 2018

When I am painting I am more gestural. I am constantly searching to capture the essence or spirit of what I am looking at, like a visual poem.

Parking Lot, 2017
Painting on a Sunny Day, 2017

Downtown Railroad, 2017

South Side Coney Island, 2018

These painting are intimate portraits of often-overlooked details of my hometown.

Cotton, 2018
Downtown Abstract, 2017

It’s Where We Are:

Intimate Portraits of my Hometown

by Leigh Buffington

Created By
Erin Davenport

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