The Art of Perspective Digital Photography

My name is Caitlyn Reid and my focus has always been around art. I am a student Oxford High School and my current hope is to expand my knowledge in the art world. Photography has always been something I have wanted to try and working in class will help further my photography career.

The strength in the photo that I captured was the railing which demonstrates leading lines. The railing makes the audience's eye move towards the photo and makes them look closer towards the background where the person is standing. My photo compares to the photo that was chosen from the internet because both pictures using leading lines to draw the eye into the photo which makes it more interesting to look at. In both photos, the leading lines lead to a part of the photo that is blurred or difficult to see.
Run-off Leading Lines Rule of Thirds
I believe the technique process that has more merit is the hands on Tintype Process. While mimicking the Tintype process, you only have to upload a tintype texture, embed it into the photo, and use different online tools to create the tintype looking photo. Hands on, you have to fully do the process that includes taking the photo, mixing the chemicals, being in a light-proof room, and running water over the photo, and leaving it out to dry. The hands on version has many more steps that have to be done in a specific way or the whole photo will be thrown off.
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