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Lightning strikes in the heart, skipping a beat and rushes to your fingertips. Warmth swells in the pit of your stomach and the cold touch of air streams down to your lungs, putting out the fire that was lit within. Being in tune with my emotions and feelings have navigated me through the photography world. Using my sketchbook and journal as a way of expressing myself, I never thought there would be another form in which I could show who I truly am. Photography stunned me. Looking through the viewfinder, I traveled to a secret world in which I rediscovered and even uncovered more hidden parts of myself. I allow the lens to lead me to an unknown territory where my emotions are revealed, sharing a story with those who are curious. The photos I capture release the feelings that were trapped inside. Photography has begun as an intimidating venture further into the art world that slowly took my breath away. Art has changed who I am as a person and continues to do so every day.

The strength in the photo that I captured was the railing which demonstrates leading lines. The railing makes the audience's eye move towards the photo and makes them look closer towards the background where the person is standing. My photo compares to the photo that was chosen from the internet because both pictures using leading lines to draw the eye into the photo which makes it more interesting to look at. In both photos, the leading lines lead to a part of the photo that is blurred or difficult to see.
Run-off Leading Lines Rule of Thirds
I believe the technique process that has more merit is the hands on Tintype Process. While mimicking the Tintype process, you only have to upload a tintype texture, embed it into the photo, and use different online tools to create the tintype looking photo. Hands on, you have to fully do the process that includes taking the photo, mixing the chemicals, being in a light-proof room, and running water over the photo, and leaving it out to dry. The hands on version has many more steps that have to be done in a specific way or the whole photo will be thrown off.
c a i t
The outcome of the first print was what I orginally envisioned where the dark branches and the light snow contrasted each other in the cynotype. The second photo came out differently than I expected with some branches darker than others, however I do like how some of the lighter branches contrast the darker ones making them stand out more. I enjoyed the hands on feeling of developing my own photos because I felt I had more control over how my final product was going to be finalized. Both prints were successful, however if I could revise anything, I would want to flip the second photo to the other side and make the photo fade on all edges. On the first photo, I don't think I would revise anything about it for the time being.
t e x t u r e
k a l e i d o s c o p e
Taking photos of my journal was something I originally vetoed in the beginning of the year. Showing where I store my personal thoughts and feelings was something so private to me that I couldn't begin to imagine putting it out on display for strangers to see. When I decided to take photos of my journal over vacation, I found it being a therapeutic experience where I can express who I am while doing something I love.
Working on photos with other people was a new process that took much more time than when I work alone, however it was hilarious trying to achieve the pictures. Composition played a role in how the hand was to be placed to make it seem like it was controlling the person's movements. We had to make sure we had the hand in a specific position to bring the photo together, but to not take away from what the picture was actually trying to portray. These pictures turned out to be the least blurry and the most accurately placed based on the position of the person and hand. The focus of the hand and person can be improved next time and the position of the hand.
Holding in your emotions is something I feel should not be done. I preach this to many people I care deeply for, however I have not been able to walk my talk. During this shoot, I told my subject to think of feeling torn down to the point where it didn't seem possible to help yourself. After she changed her outfit and we threw paint on her, I told her to emote the feeling of triumph over the fact that she has overcome this situation and can believe in herself. Watching the major change in body language, it inspired not only my work, but also my personal life.
Going into this project, I imagined the photo to be an almost spitting image of Sally Mann's image "At Warm Springs". Moving her hair around and watching the lighting change, I realized that my style of photography was being shone through rather than completely recreating the original picture. Making a spitting image made me feel as if I was "stealing" another's piece and working with my style and the inspiration of another makes me feel more confident in the work that I accomplish.
Sadness - Chaos - Dark - Empty - Messy - Dreams - Dreams - Up Close - Strangers - Movement Create your story.


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