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I think that war is the conflict of bratty people who dont know how to agree. Also you know it's war time when you wake up to bomb's being thrown and stupid guns going off and your dad going ''Where's my freaking gun so I can shoot those dumb idiots.''

In World War ll, people in those countries probably felt petrified and scared to death of being hit by a bomb. Also it does not help that their next door neighbors are gettting shot to death by stupid 22's and freaking machine guns.


I think about neighbors who will give you kittens from their cat and cookies. If only everyone was like that.

I would respond by calling my uncle and getting his 22 and shooting. Just keep shooting until their dead or i'm dead either way!


I think that Number the Stars will be about war and Trying to hold on to so much. I also think that there will be alot of conflict because of love, hate and war.

Literary Analysis

Mamma says, "Be one of many." I think this means that Mamma doesn't want Annemarie to be the same as everyone else. She wants her to be herself, different then everybody.

If Denmark was body guard for the Jews then I think that it would be weird but also really nice and helpful because the guards are trying to banish them from having shops and money so I think it would be helpful to help the jews.

At the end of chapter 3 Annemarie felt tentative about whether or not she would protect Ellen.

Annemarie's feelings are different because in chapter 3 she felt unsure about what to do: protect Ellen and her family (not to mention probably die for them) or not protect them and lose Ellen forever, possibly.

I think it shows that their friendship goes longer then they thought especially when Annemarie had the courage to break her best friends necklace and kept it in her hands on the sign of being caught.


We just read the third chapter in Number the Stars called Who is Mrs. Hirsch and it was about Annemarie, mama, papa, and peter wanting to help the Jews because the guards are trying to banish them from having shops and money/home.

Therefore, I predict that Annemarie and her family will bring together some friends and family to help them protect the Jews from the guards.

We just read chapters 8 & 9 of Number the stars

We just read… Another copy of Number the Stars and mama took the rosens to Uncle Henrik’s boat and when she was on her way back she stumbled, fell, broke her ankle. When Annemarie couldn’t find mama she looked out the window and saw a blurred heap and realized it was mama. Annemarie ran as fast and quietly as she could and helped mama to the house then she noticed that mr. rosen dropped the packet peter gave him she showed mama and put the packet in a basket under bread, cheese, apple and a napkin then she went on her way in the woods following the path mama took then right when she was about to be at Uncle Henrik’s boat she ran into four soldiers and two crazy eyed dogs.

Therefore, I predict that she will do as her mama told her, act like kirsti, and get past the soldiers to uncle Henrik’s boat and give the basket with the packet to him and return home safe. (hopefully)



Vocabulary Words














MAN vs Man

Annemarie ran into some soldiers on her way to give uncle Henrik the packet that was very important the Soldiers took all his lunch except the apple and cheese. they were so mean to her and she was mean right back

the meaning of man vs man is...

MAN vs Self

Mama scolded herself for being so clumsy after she fell and broke her ankle. She was very upset with herself

man vs self is when you are fighting with yourself.

MAN vs Nature

Nature was not good the night they ad to take the Jews to the boat. It was cold and windy.

man vs nature means the nature is not being friendly.

MAN vs Soicety


My theme for the whole book is this "This is war, tears, love, and sacrifice but that what we dont see."

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