My Hero By Noah Daniels

My hero is Muhammad Ali. He inspires me to defy the odds and ignore what other people say what will happen. He lets me know that I can be still be amazing confident and optimistic about something no matter what other people say about me, like basketball. He showed me that I can do and say anything that I set my mind to do.

He is my hero becuase he inspires me to chase my dreams and be determined and do what you think is right no matter what any other people say. He is my hero becuase motivates me to be the greatest I can be.

Muhammad Ali was born January 17, 1942 was an American professional boxer and strong, supporting activist of Islam. He is widely regarded as one of he most famous, strongest people mentally and physically, and celebrated sports people of the 1900's.

I've always been told by many, many people that I can't do something becuase of a certain race, or a certain body type. But Muhammad Ali taught me that you can just believe in yourselves and you will almost always win, just like him. He makes me want to do better than him and become the greatest of the greatest.

Muhammad Ali has inspired millions around the world with religion and fighting and sticking up to your stance.

Muhammad Ali was also a great inspirer and supporter of Lutheranism. Many people followed Lutheranism and got into religion becuase of him. He also inspired people to box and inspire their dreams, like me.

Determination, Fearlessness, Stealth, Confidence, Believe
Inspirational to me

The greatest, the inspirer.

Created By
Noah Daniels


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