Julian and Jenny Carter Serving with Cru in Wilmington, North Carolina

God captured our hearts for Him and His Mission when we were both college students. Julian attended UNC Wilmington and Jenny, UNC Pembroke. Through our involvement with the ministry of Cru God would move in our lives in such a way that we would both end up working for Cru after graduating from college. God is on the move and at work on Universities and Colleges all over the world and we are thrilled to be a part of reaching people for Jesus.

REACH THE CAMPUS TODAY; Generation Z is made up of those born between 1999 and 2015. Everyone knows them for their use of technology. Through technology they are close with those far away but at the same time distant to others close by. Students are more isolated, anxious and depressed than any other generation before them.
Personal achievement is central to Gen Z’s identity more than family, background and religion. They were born in a context where religion in general, and Christianity in particular, are no longer a major influence in American culture. In fact, according to the Barna study, teens 13 to 18 are twice as likely as adults to say they are atheist.
One of this generation's biggest needs is to give students a safe place for them to ask questions, express doubts, and process what they interact with, because their whole experience is being narrated by culture, by the media, and Netflix. This post-Christian generation gives great opportunity for you and I to shine in the middle of a generation that desperately needs the light of Christ.
REACH THE WORLD TOMORROW; We love what we get to do with Cru. Seeing students experience genuine community, have real conversations and to see true life change through Christ.
Most of our time can be spent getting face to face with those in Gen Z and in various ways; meeting with college students on campus during a break between their classes or gathering with a group in their dorm to study the Bible and praying together. Discipling and coaching student leaders as they invest in other students. Going with them to retreats, conferences and summer missions as they are challenged in their faith. All of these are great! But it’s not all that we do.
Julian and I desire to do life with these students by caring not only for their spiritual growth but by caring for their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing as well. Sometimes it means picking them up to take them grocery shopping, buying them lunch or a coffee, hosting them at our home for a taco night, or even caring for them when they’re sick or having a bad day.
It is our privilege to be on a journey with them as they navigate their identity in Christ and future.
Thank you for checking us out and learning more about the vision of reaching students today to reach the world tomorrow! As missionaries with Cru we invite others to partner with us in fulfilling this vision both prayerfully and financially. Please visit our giving page below to see and consider how you can specifically join with us!


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