Holistic Data Flows across Adobe Experience Cloud Allianz Suisse

Adobe Summit 2019

Holistic data flows across Adobe Experience Cloud

The world around us is changing rapidly and financial services along with it. Moving from good to great with 'True Customer Centricity' and becoming 'Digital by Default' together with 'Technical Excellence', 'Growth Engines' and 'Inclusive Meritocracy' are five fields of action for Allianz. Allianz has been working hard since 1890 to secure people’s lives all around the globe, and to give courage to their customers for what lies ahead.

In this session, you’ll hear:

  • Exclusive insights on how Allianz Switzerland created a holistic data flow across the experience cloud.
  • Learn about the Swiss data pipeline: How Adobe Analytics talks to Audience Manager, Target and Campaign
  • Data Workbench creates statistical calculations and processes data in near real time

Getting Started

Adobe Analytics Premium - Data Workbench

  1. Getting Started: Implementation Guide

Adobe Target API

  1. Authenticate via Adobe.io: Step by Step
  2. Developer Link: http://developers.adobetarget.com/
  3. Sample Code: https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-api-examples

Datalayer guiding principles

  1. Single DataLayer (w3c digitalData) not multiple
  2. Only application writes to DataLayer
  3. Single Tag Manager (recommendation Launch)
  4. Object instead of Array


  • Keep it English
  • Start with lower case
  • Camel Case e.g. user.lastLoginDate
  • Abbreviation stay capital but use them as little as possible (nl=newsletter?)
  • If true/false node use “is” as prefix e.g. user.isRegistered


  • Use strings
  • true/false NO yes/no or 0,1 or t/f
  • DataLayer provides possible values
  • Keep it as short as possible but still meaningful (Character limit for URL + 100 per variable)
  • No abbreviation e.g. m/f => male/female
  • Date fields => 4 nodes, date: yyyy-mm-dd. time: hh:mm:ss, timezone: +05:00
  • dateTime: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+05:00
  • Concatenation, use pipe |, use identifier if possible e.g. utm_source:123|utm_medium:345|utm_campaign:678
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Ralph Stamm

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