DROUGHTS IN WESTERN U.S one of the worst climate changes on this earth

Droughts are one of the world's climate changes that have recently occured. The causes of droughts is the very low precipitation which is the amount of rainfall or snow an area gets. Droughts can be found in many areas. One place a drought can occur is in Western U.S.

Drought can have many effects too. One for instance is the low amounts of water supply available. Another is that industries such as farming is in a difficult place right now. The production of food would be low meaning food prices will increase.

These pictures show how the production of food by farming was difficult due to the droughts.

Wildlife is suffering through the dry weathers. Some species of organisms wouldn't be able to reproduce so their populations will decline. Some plants needs large amounts of water, and without it, the soil will end up very dry losing its nutrients. Without nutrients or water, plants will dry out, for example the crops will dry out and die. Droughts affect animals such as cattle, badgers, bears, bison, rodents, deer, and coyotes etc...

These images shows the wildlife in Western US

Another problem that is at a high risk of happening due to the dry weathers are forest fires. These disturbances will destroy an area of wildlife.

This is an image of a forest fire

Another effect of droughts is the water loss in an area. Over time water reservoirs such as the lakes and rivers of western US is decreasing over time.

This is an image of the low water levels in California due to droughts

California uses hydroelectricity, but with the low water levels, California will have to increase the power bills. People in the western US are panicking because of the lack of water. This is why we need to reduce the emissions on this earth before its too late.

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