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Because Aminos Are The Building Blocks Of Protein. For years the focus has been on consuming protein powder as a means to “bulk up” and “lean out”. Protein that up until now, has come from an animal source. What makes most animals you consume (primarily beef) big, are the greens, grass and grains they eat. It’s their vegan nature. Cows don’t eat other animals to get their mass. They are naturally big and eat the foods that will support their nature. As a society, we have become detached from our nature and because of that, we’ve developed dis-eases that prevent us from living optimally. Just as the first foods we ate came from the source that gives us life while providing all the vital nutrients we need, so should the foods we continue to eat come from the source of all life: nature. It knows us best.

Plant based aminos are the building blocks to not only protein, but they help our bodies with a multitude of functions like tissue repair and immunity, without the toxic residue and inflammation that non digested, highly acidic animal products leave behind.

There is now a way to get all the minerals and muscle building aminos you need (contrary to what we’ve been taught) without causing any discomfort to you gut, liver and colon, all while providing your body the energy to get through the longest day and recover from the toughest workout: Alkaline Aminos™.

Our simple yet nutritious proprietary blend contains no soy, wheat, dairy or eggs and is completely free from binders, fillers and sugar. It’s alkaline contents such as sea moss and hemp powder help keep free radicals at bay, while providing a key, yet missing part in most diets: fiber.

We hope you enjoy the benefits of taking this smooth tasting powder once a day, as much as we’ve enjoyed rediscovering that we are natural and the essence of our nature is found in nature and once you consume from your source, the only outcome is wellness...naturally.

Alkaline Aminos™. Ingredients: Pea Protein, Hemp Powder, Pumpkin, Moringa leaf, Flax Seed Powder, Spirulina, Irish Moss, and Stevia Leaf To Prepare: Add one level teaspoon to your smoothie or warm nut milk. Blend or shake and serve. Net Weight 4 oz.

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