Peaceful Protest Strikes

There was a strike that happened almost a year ago with Verizon workers. About 40,000 Verizon workers were on strike, they were in strike for pension cuts. A pension cut is a payment made after you retire from an investment fund which has been contributed from for the amount of work you do. This strike happened for six and a half weeks after they negotiated things with there workers. These people that are on strike are not using physical force they are just holding up signs and not working so Verizon is forced to do so,etching to get them back or else they will make no business.

The Walmart strike happened for two months may and June of 2013. Walmart had agreed after that is was wrong to discipline workers who were absent from work. A worker wanted Walmart to increase the amount of money the workers made. Also, he wanted there to be better working conditions. Walmart tried saying that employees who missed work neoclassical of the strike needed to be disciplined because they did not have an excuse for there absence. The workers ended up winning because what Walmart did was unlawful. Therefore, workers got what they wanted and the got there jobs back without any harm. Jess Levin a spokesman for making change to Walmart said that this decision was a "huge victory." Walmart had fired 16 people during this strike and was forced to give them there jobs back. This took place outside of Walmart. I think that this is a successful peaceful protest because no one was harmed and they got what they wanted.

In 1968, teachers in New York went on a strike for six months and it increased racial tension between blacks and Jews. They went on a strike after the board of the school fired a group of teachers and administrators. The newly created school is now mostly black. The teachers that where fired were almost all white and Jewish. The group that held the strike was the United Federation Of Teachers. The main group leader was named Albert Shanker. Because of this strike, New York schools were shut down for about two months. The strike was not held at a certain place, and teachers and administrators did not show up for school causing it to shut down. I would call this a nonviolent peaceful protest because they ended up getting their jobs back but then ended up getting fired and the school mostly had only African American teachers.

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