Life of a Diabetic Essay by Trinidi Turner

This is sophomore makalah anderson. She is a type 1 diabetic and has been dealing with this disease for 13 years now.

Type 1 diabetes is where your pancreas does not make any insulin or very little insulin to regulate your blood sugar.

Anderson puts insulin into her pump. She has to change her pump every 3 days.

Anderson's everyday routine is waking up and checking her sugar. Throughout the day she checks her sugar occasionally. Anderson has a pump that she places on her body controlling how much insulin goes in her system. She can control how much insulin goes into her body and she can stop the insulin if needed.

Anderson pricking her finger to test her sugar.

Anderson's family and friends are her biggest supporters. When something goes wrong her friends and family help her through it. Most of her friends know how to apply a pump and apply insulin in case of an emergency. Diabetes is not an easy thing to deal with because you have to interrupt your day to make sure your sugar is not too high or to low. She has to watch what she eats daily and how much she eats of it. If her sugar is low she eats to regulate her blood sugar. If her sugar is too high she pumps insulin to regulate her blood sugar. Anderson has type 1 where it does not process any insulin or it processes very little amounts.

what it is like having Diabetes?

"It is an okay disease to have but its not something you want to have, it is not fun having to test your sugar before every meal and having people stare, when my pump goes off its EMBARRASSING because they do not know what it is."
Anderson placing the pump on her right arm.

how does it make you feel?

"It makes me upset it puts me in a bad mood. it really upsets me that i have it, i'm EMBARRASSED of it. i always think what life would be like without it. i want to be normal like other kids and not worry about what i eAt and how much i eat or how much activity i do is gonna affect my sugar."

is having diabetes easy or hard?

"It is definitely not easy to have, but it is not the hardest disease to have it's very MANAGEABLE it just has its moments of difficulty. it is a hard thing to control as a teen and i'm at the stage where its very difficult to regulate, but i've had it for 13 years now and it gets easier to have and starting to realize i have it and nothing is going to change that and that is what changes my emotions about it."

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