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  • The Chile nacional volleyball equipo es the internacional Chilean volleyball equipo for both male and females.
  • Chile's volleyball asociación es the Federación de Voleibol Chilena.
  • The Chilean volleyball confederación es the Confederación Sudamericana de Voleibol (CSV).
  • The Chile national volleyball equipo jugar in both competitivo and amistoso partido.
  • Chile compitió in corte and playa volleyball.


  • Volleyball originada in Chile in the 1920s.
  • The first torneo estaba in 1932.
  • Chile alojado the South American Championship in 1962, 1981, and 2007.

Men's Volleyball

  • The Chilean men's volleyball equipo es clasificado 42nd in the world.
  • In 1961, the men's equipo metido second while compitió in the South American Championship in Lima, Peru and obtener third in Santos, Santiago, Sao Paulo, and Cordoba.
  • They jugar in the World Championship competencia in 1982 in Argentina.

Women's Volleyball

  • The Chilean women's volleyball equipo es clasificado 114th in the world.
  • The equipo calificado for the World Volleyball Championships in 1982 in Peru.


  • In the 2016 CSV Continental Cup, the Chile men's beach volleyball equipo calificado for the Olympics.
  • The women's Chilean beach volleyball equipo never compitió in the Olympics.


  • In the 1961 South American Men's Volleyball Championship, Chile obtener second.
  • In the 1971 Pan American Tournament, Chile obtener sixth place.
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