My Diary From Here To There. by Cadence rouse.

Opportunities: Chance.

I had a opportunity at winning tic tac toe.

Comforted: Console, Reassure.

The baby felt comforted when his dad hugged him.

Journey: Trip, Voyage.

We had a lot of fun on our Journey.

Burst: Erupt.

I saw the smoke from a volcano that started to burst.

Huddle: Cluster, Crowd.

The team had a group huddle.

Recognizes: Know, Identify.

Once we finally reconized each other we shock hands.


Created with images by pixel2013 - "tic tac toe love heart" • PublicDomainPictures - "baby boy child" • Unsplash - "hilltop group of people camera" • Unsplash - "volcano eruption cloud" • keijj44 - "football team huddle teamwork" • maxlkt - "hands palm in palm hand"

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