Why is Canada the best country in the world? By: Sriya Mannem


Canada is an amazing country with diverse communities due to its immigrants, many different land form regions, variety of natural resources, and different levels of urbanization. Personally, I think Canada is the best country in the world or is at least one of the best. In this web page I'm going to tell you my reasoning for why Canada's isn't one of the best countries in the world using the information I learned throughout the Canadian geography coarse.


Number of Immigrants which come to Canada each year (immigration rate)
Number emigrants that leave Canada each year (emigration rate)

Canada has an extremely high immigration rate and an extremely low emigration rate. This is manly do to the fact of Canada having a low population which opens up many job opportunities that Canadians can't fill and must be filled be immigrants instead. Canada having a very high immigration rate and a low emigrant rate means that many people find a good life in Canada and most Canadian emigrants come back to Canada after 5-10 years.

Canada Constrictive Growth Rate

Canada has a constrictive growth rate due to more older people living due to medication, access to doctors, sanitation, etc. and less births occurring. In Canada there are less births than deaths this is probably because now-a-days kids aren't a necessity due to the developed world we live in today. This is a good thing because it allows more Canadian immigrants to have more job opportunities in Canada.


One amazing thing about Canada is its' immigration system. Due to Canada's constrictive growth rate, the Canadian workforce will have lot's of more jobs available due to the baby boomers retiring. Hence, more immigrants (specifically economic immigrants) are required to keep the Canadian economy stable. Approximately 250 000 immigrants come to Canada to improve their standard of living each year. Many of these immigrants come from developing countries such as India, China, and the Philippines. Many immigrants that come to Canada are economic immigrants that bring their family/families as well (family immigrants) as well. Canada is one of those generous countries which has a family class program which allows economic immigrants to bring grandparents, parents, children, spouses, etc into Canada. Canada also gives many of the immigrants support as well which give them the potential of improving their standard of living even easier.

This graph shows that Canadian immigrants which have established/settled, have about the same unemployment rate as people born as Canadian citizens. Hence, that shows that overtime most people tend to succeed in Canada making it awesome.

First Nations

The treatment of (FNMI)S is definitely not us as Canadian should be proud of. We have tried to take away all First Nation culture and and language by placing First Nations in residential schools not long ago and have established the Indian Act which gives First Nation Canadians different laws/rules to follow. Since these things occurred not so long ago many people have not taken time to get over it, almost every countries has a dark past (ex. America has took black people from Africa and used them as slaves.) Due to the amount of dis-supports during the next few years the Indian Act will be abolished and First Nations will have the same laws/rules as all Canadians. Almost every country has a dark past and hopefully as the strong Nation we are we can get past this awful way we have treated the First Nations Community.

This graph shows that overtime more First Nations are now reviving income, education and housing. This graph also shows that less First Nations are doing labour work.

Canada's Physical Environment

This map shows where each landfrom region is located in Canada

Canada is the 2nd biggest geographical region in the world. Hence, its' got many landform regions such as the Interior Plains, Canadian Shield, Hudson Bay Low Lands, etc. All of these landfrom regions have different physical and biological features such as climate, vegetation, rocks, etc.

Arctic and hudson bay lowLands:

  • Very flat lands
  • Swampy forests
  • Lots of sedimentary rock

Innuitian Mountains:

  • Very icy
  • Variety of rocks igneous, metamorphic, but mostly sedimentary
  • Very barren
  • Lots of hills
  • Lots of minerals

Canadian Shield:

  • Relatively flat land with hills and rocks
  • Lot's of minerals
  • Well suited for mining and farming
  • Scenic rivers, waterfalls, lakes, rock outcrops, and vast forest

western cordillera:

  • Mountains (ex. Rocky mountains)
  • Valleys
  • Relatively flat land

Interior Plains:

  • Lots of sedimentary rocks
  • Reefs
  • Minerals beneath the surface
  • Rolling hills and deep river valleys


  • Glaciation
  • Well-suited to agriculture
  • Glacial hills/ Deep river valleys
  • Lots of sedimentary rock


  • Igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rock
  • River valleys
  • Hills/ mountains
  • Ocean harbours

Having a variety of landfrom regions is very important for various reasons. I personally think that Canada having different landforms makes it more suitable for everyone especially immigrants to live in. Immigrants that live in hotter regions in the world would be able settle in landform regions like the Interior plains and immigrants from cooler countries such as Russia and Finland could settle in landform regions such as the arctic lowlands. Having suitable living conditions that is perfect for everyone is what makes a geographical region like Canada so amazing.


If you want to avoid Natural Disasters Canada is one of the best countries to live in. Many Natural Disaster which occur in Canada are very minor, so minor that we can't even feel it. The only major Natural Disasters are usually only forest fires. But forest fires are beneficial for sustaining a natural balance in an ecosystem. Forest fires remove harmful diseases and decaying matter from the ecosystem. Other than forest fire Natural Disaster such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis, are very unlikely to occur in Canada. Which makes Canada a save place to be protected from Natural Disaster.

Forest Fire in Canada

Mangement of Resources

Canada has an extreme abundance of natural resources. Canada harvests these natural resources from the ecosystem for the sake of the economy. Most of Canada's exports are natural resources. The Canadian economy would be in a lot of trouble if we stopped exporting goods and services to other countries because The Canadian economy relies heavily on exports of good and services to sustain the wealth The Canadian Economy. The extraction of natural resources provides many more jobs to Canadians and immigrants. The extraction of natural resources helps sustain The Canadian economy and provides many jobs for people which is why the extraction of natural resources in Canada is benefit which most countries don't have.

Livable Communties

Pictures of Canada's most urbanized cities Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec

Many places in Canada and other countries are becoming more urbanized. Many people had made the switch from which of living in a rural settlement to an urban settlement. This is mainly due to the fact that urban settlements have easier access to basic/specialized services. Since Canada is a developed countries it has much more C.M.A's (big cities) than most countries. C.M.A's allows more immigrants that are specialized in farming to come into the country because most Canadian farmer had have the choice of moving to a C.M.A where they cannot grow crops due to all the emissions and pollutants. C.M.A's also allows transportation hubs. Transportation hubs are like subways they are places (usually located in big cities like C.M.A's) where passenger, exports, imports are exchanged between other vehicles and then driven again to it's destination or another transportation hub. Transportation hubs are beneficial because because in allows easier and smoother transportation of goods. C.M.A also attracts many tourist per year. Canadian C.M.A's like Toronto and Quebec get about millions of tourist every single year. Urbanization is big part of our world today which is rapidly increasing in places like Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec.


In conclusion I think Canada is the best or at least one of the best countries in the world because of it's physical environment, the management of it's resources, unlikeliness of major natural disasters occurring, immigration system, and urbanization. All these factors make Canada seem like an amazing nation as whole ranging it government, economy, environment, sustainability and people. This is why Canada is the best country in the world.


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