Your Immersion in English 2 days in paradise with ATYPEC

DAY 1: A day in life in Nice in English

Vocabulary you learnt: to pick up, by car, by bus, ON foot, the social worker, to kick someone out

English you activated: Irregular verbs to speak in the past, present and future, while remembering the difference between the past that is DATED (2nd column) and the past that is not DATED (3rd column)

Visiting the antique market
Talking about the HOME SWEET HOME: me neither/ available/ without soul/ the closet/ the study/ the bookshelves/ storage space/ high ceiling/ pull up bed/ sofa/ dining table/ the stove/ provençal tiles
New activities you discovered: Watching classic films in English, with English subtitles: Breakfast at Tiffany's

Cool expressions you learnt: to look forward to/ To be worth it!

DAY 2: A day shooting the city - Helmut Newton Exhibition + Photo shooting

Helmut Newton exhibition

3 secrets of photography: The light, the light an the light!

Working with the right ISO...
Practicing ISO + Aperture
Working with ISO, aperture and shutter speed!
Garibladi Square
Pedestrian crossing at Cafe la PLace
Gums balls
The photographer and her hanging chair @Joyalifestore
An eye for the street
When the ISO was totally wrong!
The detail!
Get your bike!
No comment!
Find the sea
What time is it?
Getting ready for summer!

In 2 days, you spoke English, activated your vocabulary and developed your ability stop communicate on various topics, from home to food, to art and photography.

Your next step: Keep these skills activated: Some podcast to enjoy English:

Still wondering?....

Thank you for your feedback

1) Quels sont les obstacles qui auraient pu vous empecher de suivre cette formation?

2) Quels ont été, pour vous, les résultats de cette formation?

3) Quel est le point que vous appréciez le plus dans les formations de Atypec?

4) Recommenderiez-vous Atypec comme organisme de formation en anglais, en communication, en prise de parole en public?

6) Que souhaitez-vous ajouter? Qu'aimeriez-vous voir à l'avenir?

Lean back and relax! You did it!!!
Created By
Anne Topenot


Created with images by Edvard Moen - "Red telephone box in London"

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