10 August 2017/18 AV 5777

Shabbat Commences 5.28pm/Shabbat Terminates 6.23pm

Term 3 Week 4

Primary News

News from Kindy

After hearing about some of our holiday adventures the Kindy children were inspired to create an aeroplane and airport in our classroom. Over the past few weeks the children have been busily engaged planning and constructing their role play learning space. Working collaboratively each child contributed in some part to the space be it painting, creating and cutting dials, making signs or even writing and counting numbers for buttons in the cockpit. Finding an seizing genuine opportunities for numeracy, literacy, fine motor and of course collaboration and problem solving within the play, ensures our Kindy learning is deep and meaningful. I wonder where our next flight will take us too and what we will discover there?

Tisha B"Av

On Tisha B'Av Morah Posner taught children from Kindly to Year 4 about the First and Second Temples. The lessons were very engaging and the children were fascinated by all the interesting details they heard. Morah Posner had assembled a model of the Second Beit Hamikdash from a craft pack which had been ddonated by Emma Rockman's granny. The model further enhanced the children's' understanding.


We have received five fabulous pre-loved titles from Maytal of Year 6.1. Thank you, Maytal!

The library has an excellent new addition – The story of Israel by Martin Gilbert kindly donated by Ariella and Hannah.

Hannah, Ariella and Hannah

High School News

Zio camps 2017 have launched with a bang!

Zio camps 2017 have launched with a bang!

Year 12 and 8 have had fabulous camps and the Zio Mads are busy preparing for Year 11!!

Year 12 Zio Camp 2017
Year 8 Zio Camp

High School Assembly - Shorashim

On Friday an Assembly was held to thank those that organized and participated in the amazing annual Shorashim trip. The traditional Shorashim video created this year by Michaela Kavalsky was shown which brought back great memories. The Junior School Band also played an excellent rendition of Defying Gravity from the Musical Wicked.

Year 9 Science Compete in Science IQ Competition

This term, two teams of Year 9 students competed in the Science IQ Competition which was run by the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia and was offered to both National and International Schools.

The competition was based on-line and required the teams of students to answer a set of 12 Science questions within a one-hour period.

Students used their outstanding group work skills to allocate roles to each of the members of the team. Most of the questions required students to research new concepts within the allocated time period. The goal was to complete the test correctly in the shortest period of time.

This term one of our teams placed in the competition. Congratulations Santino Febbo, Tal Shmuel, Jacob Range and Isabella Rosenberg for coming in THIRD PLACE.

A special mention to Maia Hilu, Asher Altschuler, Shaked Cohen and Toni Grolman for coming in SIXTH PLACE.

Thank you to all of the students that competed this year. We look forward to seeing how the Year 7 and Year 8 teams do in the next two terms.

Year 9 Science Competition Participants

Woolworths Earn and Learn is back on for 2017!

It is easy for everyone to help our school.

Anyone from the community – staff, parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends – who shop at Woolworths can collect stickers. With these stickers we can earn educational equipment and resources across categories such as S.T.E.M, Science, Mathematics, English, Sport or Art!

All you have to do is shop at Woolworths until Tuesday 19th September.

You will get one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent.

Place the Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker onto a Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheet and when it’s complete, the Sticker Sheet can be dropped into the Collection Box here at the Primary School reception.

At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers lots of items that would benefit our students.

Happy shopping and collecting – thanks for helping our School!

New P&F Fundraiser: Student Led Initiative

The Carmel P&F have a New Fundraising Event, thanks to the thoughtfulness of Gia Ismay, a year 6 Carmel Student, who approached Mrs. Fisher about fundraising idea she wanted to suggest to the P&F. A team of 3 P & F members along with Mrs Fisher met with Gia before the end of term 2 for her to present her proposal. Gia provided a sample of a Personalised Kiddush Wine bottle with art work created by students and placed as a new label over the bottle. All at the meeting were very impressed with Gia’s foundation work, in researching costs of bottles and the cost to make and print the labels.

The P&F have embraced this wonderful idea of selling personalised pieces of art. We feel it is a Perfect project to link the primary and high school in creating a wonderful Shabbos or Yom Tov memento. In keeping with having a responsible view on alcohol we have elected to place labels on Kosher Grape Juice.

So how is this going to work?

Each class or mentor group are being provided with a single page to decorate which will then be converted into a wonderful label.

How much will it cost ?

$12 per bottle OR 12 Tribes Special $120 for 12 bottles (buyer's choice)

How do I order?

Cash & Paper sales

Order forms available at reception, attached in FB / included as part of Kesher notices.


We are getting close to achieving our $10 000 Target for funds build a covered walkway in the highschool. As Gia brought the idea to the P&F she has been given the recognition of assigning a portion of money raised from this initiative towards a project of her choice. With Gia’s great enthusiasm for art, she is keen to see some of the funds being used in the Visual Arts area.

The P&F Committee & Staff are very excited to work on this Student initiative as it’s a wonderful reflection about helping a child find their voice and grow through this valuable experience. We hope you find a way to support us and the school in working towards improving facilities for all the students.

Thank you,

Carmel School P&F

Please click on the link below to order Tupperware

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