Bolivia by Daniel Spaulding

Bolivia was founded on August 5, 1825. It is a landlocked country right below Brazil. It is the largest landlocked country in the America's, at 425,000 square miles. Bolivia is home to almost 10.75 million people. Bolivia's main language is Spanish. Bolivian currency is called boliviano. One American dollar is worth roughly 6.8 boliviano.
Along the western half of Bolivia are the Andes Mountains and on the eastern side is all plains.
Bolivia es grande. Bolivia es viejo. Bolivia es simpatico. Bolivia es bueno. Bolivia es interesante. Bolivia es bonito. Bolivia es fantastico.
The Diablada, or "Dance of Demons", is the most famous of all bolivian dances. This dance is characterized by devil suits and masks. La Diablada es interesante. La Diablada es fresco.
The three traditional foods of Bolivian cuisine are corn, potatoes, and beans. These ingredients have been combined with a number of foods brought by the Spanish, such as rice, wheat, and meat, including beef, pork, and chicken. En Bolivia, hay maiz, patatas, y frijoles. Maiz, patatas, y frijoles son bueno.
The most popular desserts in Bolivia are coconut pudding and coconut cookies. Pudin de coco es crema. Pudin de coco es dulce.
Maybe the most thrilling activity in Bolivia is a mountain bike tour of Death Road. It's called Death Road because an estimated 200-300 people die traveling it a year. The road stretches 43 miles from La Paz to Coroico. It costs about 125 U.S. dollars per purpose for a tour. El camino es muy peligroso.
Snow Rush Bolivia is an exciting ski slope that attracts thousands a year. Snow Rush is the highest ski slope in the world. The cost per person is about 66 U.S. dollars. You will need to bring gloves, goggles, warm clothes, and a helmet. Skis will be provided for you. Snow Rush es muy frio, pero muy divertido.
If you visit Bolivia, you should really go see Lake Titicaca. It is a large, deep lake in the Andes, on the border between Bolivia and Peru. In fact, it is the largest lake in South America. El lago es muy hermosa.
Also, another really cool thing to do in Bolivia is 4x4ing in Salar de Uyuni. The desert is home to some of the most unique and breathtaking scenery on earth. A tour usually costs around 250 U.S. dollars. You will be navigating the desert in a jeep. El desierto es plano.
Another fun thing to do in Bolivia is tour Isla del Sol. The island spans over 27 square miles including over 80 ancient ruins. A tour generally lasts 2 and a half hours and costs around 500 U.S. dollars. Isla del Sol es muy interesante.
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