Epic Hero Archetype Traits Project Citlaly Chavez


Strength, the ability to over come any challenges or obstacles you face. A hero needs strength in order to be a hero. Not only does the hero need physical strength but mental strength as well.

Max, a hero, marine, & bestfirend. I choose max as my hero because he is a hero. In the movie "Max", Max shows the ability to overcome an situation he faces. He is a very wise dog with multiple character traits, such as strength. Max in the movie shows physical strength and mental strength as a dog to overcome the obstacles he faces.

As for in oddyseus, he's away for 10 years, he definlety needed mental and physical strength to survive 10 years in the middle of the ocean. He also needed strength when he had to pull the bow and prove to everyone it was him.

Desire for SUCCESS

A hero should always desire success, Odysseus always desired it. For example, when Odysseus was stringing the bow and proving to everyone it was him.

A hero should always want to be successful, as for my hero, Max, he was a successful marine dog who overcame many wars with his partner which is what made him a hero.


Confidence is key to being a hero. You need coffidence to beat your opponent and to overcome people's judgments.

Odysseus used confidence as a trait because he was confident when he pulled the bow inftont of all those men to prove it was him, he also had to be very confident to be in the middle of the oven for 10 years with out seeing land nor his family.

Max, my chosen hero was a confident dog who was in the war with his patterned. He had to be confident to be within the war, to go up and sniff bombs, and be around dangerous people.

So what ?

Now that I've analyzed the heros, I definlety do think heros take a huge role in our daily life. We have freedom in the country because of heros. Thanks to the military, this who serve our nation day to day are heros. They risk there lives for our freedom. I do believe that those who serve our nation are our heros.

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