Good Life: Natural History Museum Katherin Mena

This spark story is based on my visit to the Museum of Natural History for my class The Good Life. In this spark I will relate some of my experiences at the museum as well as various aspects of nature. This spark is divided into three main segments which are: Nature on Display, Nature and Ethics, as well as Nature and the Human Spirit.
Nature on Display

I found the exhibit featuring the life cycle of butterflies, "metamorphosis", quite interesting. The layout of the exhibit was appealing to me because it was interactive and educational. I didn't just stare at a boring diagram; I had the ability to watched the process occur right in front of my eyes. I was amazed to see that every caterpillar species forms its own unique cocoon, varying in shape, size, color, and texture.

Nature and Ethics

Leopold recommends that we experience nature from a point of view where we are equal with the rest of the biotic community rather than a conqueror. The Natural History Museum did provide me with the opportunity to experience nature in this way, appreciating it for more than just its economic value. When I was looking for something that is nature and ethics I came across with this mini beach where they had sand and the sound of the waves, being able to see the turtles hushing and all the others type of animals, it felt peaceful and nature

Nature and the Human Spirit

Here I stand in front the the exhibit of that depicts the life the Indigenous peoples during the era of Hunter and Gatherers. This exhibit is a reminder of how different the society, cultures, and even the physical land was before. It was way for us, as individuals, for a second to step out of the lives we live now see the lives of those that came before us. It honestly is something marvelous to experience. When the realization occurs, that connection can be made by the observer that we a part of nature too. I personally feel like this is something we forget far too often; humans are also a part of the natural world.


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