Art Little big history project

Art has been a way to share ideas, feelings, memories, and things in history.It is important to global society because it helps create new ideas and standards.
Art has evolved.

Art is a fairly big part of collective learning and can be used to share ideas that can further help us evolve. Picture this- When a person gets and idea for something to help other people or make things easier do they just go ahead and build it right away? No, they draw it and make it into art so basically every new invention we have made was able to be made to its best because it was already drawn out.

Art relates to Thresholds 3 and 5.

Without these new chemicals we wouldn't have things like paint, graphite, and other art tools.
Without the new organisms on Earth we wouldn't have had the cavemen who made the first cave paintings.
Threshold 6, Collective Learning, was used because with more and more people sharing ideas art was used to create new ideas and new inventions.
Threshold 8, The Modern Revolution, helped create new ways to get the art to travel around the world and new art methods are made to advance art.

Art has changed from just being STICKS in dirt and mud on cave walls to using the most advanced technology to create it and has increased complexity.

Many people in different societies use art. Some people use it to trade or sell and others use it to hang in homes. There are many ways different societies use art.

An anthropologist may use this to look at the old culture of art and old cultures.
An astronomic person may use paintings, drawings, or even maps to study stars and planets.

Without the Goldilocks conditions to make the new materials that we have today we wouldn't have art.


Created with images by werner22brigitte - "dramatic sky clouds tree" • Daniel Arrhakis - "The Other Face Of Marcus Aurelius" • Cea. - "Emaciated Siddhartha, or 'Fasting Buddha'"

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