Deciduous Forest Europe

Climate of the Forest

  • 27-39 inches of rain per year.
  • Average temperature is 48-53 degrees fahrenheit, extremes range from -22-86 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Deciduous forests go through all four seasons.

Net Primary Productivity

Deciduous Forests are typically found in mid latitude (in between polar regions and the tropics). They have lots of diversity not only for plant life but also animals. They differ from many other biomes because they go through all four seasons.

Soil Quality

The deciduous forest has very fertile soil. The farming season tends to last from 5 to 6 months, causing much of the forests to have been turned into agricultural lands.


The European Bison was almost hunted to extinction until the International Union for Conservation of Nature took steps to save the species in 1996. Many people used to hunt the bison for their hides.


The Giant Hogweed plant was purposely brought to Europe from Central Asia as an ornamental plant. It is noxious to humans and lots of contact can lead to blisters and scars.

Animals in the European Deciduous Forest

Eurasian Brown Bear

The Eurasian Brown Bear has thick fur and a great sense of smell. Their fur allows them to live in the hilly and mountainous parts of the deciduous forest where it tends to be colder. Originally, brown bears ate mostly meat, however as that source has gone down, their sense of smell allows them to find other food sources.

European Red Squirrel

The European Red squirrel has strong claws and teeth as well as a long tail. Their claws and teeth allow them to climb trees and open nuts and pine cones.

European Red Fox

The Red Fox is small and adapts well to many different environments. Their fur and long tails help them keep warm in the colder parts of the forest.

Plants in the European Deciduous Forest

Oak Trees

Oak trees have large root systems and their leaves have small stomata. This allows them to find plenty of water even in long droughts and it makes sure their water isn't easily evaporated

Common Lime Tree

The Common Lime is a flowering tree whose flowers produce a fragrant smell. This helps attract bees, allowing the flowers to be pollinated.

Lady Fern

The Lady Fern is able to live in cold climates. This helps the plant live in the northern parts of the European Deciduous forest.

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