Theodore Roosevelt Collen Con

(1-2) Early Life – Education

Teddy Roosevelt was the governor of New York before becoming Vice President of the United States

Roosevelt went to law school but did not stay long opting instead to join the New York State assembly.

His mother and his first wife died on the exact same day February 14th

He was homeschooled early in his life due to his father being in politics

(3-8) Naval War of 1812 – Reentering Public Life

Was his first book about naval battles in war of 1812 published 1882

He wasn't biased for the Americans he stuck with the facts

Is now the most important research based study on the war

On his 22nd birthday he married Alice Hathaway lee

Two days after giving birth to their daughter

(9) Emergence as a National Figure

Roosevelt backed speaker of the house

Gave campaign speeches for McKinley

Became assistant secretary of the navy

Resigned from secretary of the navy

Formed “First US Volunteer Cavalry Regiment”

Calvary called “rough riders” fought in war of Cuba

Charge up kettle hill

Awarded Medal of Honor

Governor of New York, won by 1%

Vice President for 6 months

President of the board New York City police commission

(10) Presidency 1901-1909

Youngest president ever 42

He campaigned his square deal domestic

Expanded the United States Navy

Conservation, corporate, consumer protection,


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