Being 15 In Finland By: Maddie craigen, Composition 9, 02

Finland is located in, Northern Europe, on the coast of the, Baltic Sea. The population of Finland is 5.5 million, and in the capital, Helsinki, the population is 600,000 people. Finland was settled in just after the last ice age in 9000 BC, ruled by the swedish kingdom. In 1917 Finland declared its independence. Finally it joined the European Union in 1995. Finland is now one of the most developed countries in the world, and leads with the highest education system in the world.
Being 15 in Finland is busy yet fun, because of school and friends.
Some cool parts about being 15 in Finland might be growing up on a big ranch because you would always be busy with things to do around the ranch and would never be bored.
On top of helping out at their family run ranches and balancing the high expectations of school, students in finland have very busy lives, but if balanced well their lives are also filled with many fun things to do (Finland).
Although life in Finland for 15 year olds can be stressful, there is also a very fun side to living in Finland.
On the weekends fifteen year olds most commonly go to parties, movies, and spend time with friends (Our Students of Finland). There is always community events going on in the towns in the cities of, Finland (Culture of Finland).
Life for fifteen year olds is busy yet fun because there is always things to do around the cities and lots and lots of time to spend with friends.
Life in Finland for 15 year olds, may be busy due to school, but a lot of it is pretty fun because of the hundreds of things to do in their beautiful country. Fifteen year olds in Finland, in order to survive, would have to have very good organization skills to balance their busy school schedule with their fun social schedule.

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